Are You Feeling Isolated Working at Home During COVID-19? Here’s What to Do

Once stay-at-home orders became the norm, a slew of professionals who once reported to the workplace for their jobs suddenly found themselves working from home. While, initially, the shift may have been pleasant, after a while, experiencing loneliness became common.

Luckily, it is possible to fight back against feelings of isolation. If you want to know what you can do, here are some tips.

Establish a Routine

A tried-and-true piece of advice for anyone who works remotely, establishing a routine is a necessity. You need to outline exactly when you are and are not available, ensuring you can maintain a degree of work-life balance. Setting boundaries is vital when you’re living in your “office.”

Plus, a routine gives you structure. It lets you embrace a pattern that can help you maintain productivity without having to be always-on. Often, this makes it easier to keep going, even on days that you find more challenging. Additionally, you may be less inclined to procrastinate.

Finally, it gives you a platform for remaining connected to your colleagues. You can set up regular meetings, such as daily check-ins on a messenger and weekly video calls. Not only does this promote communication, but it also establishes a “we’re in this together” mindset, and that can make a difference.

Prioritize Communication

As mentioned above, remaining connected is critical for combating feelings of isolation. As a result, it’s wise to make it part of your day by focusing on reaching out regularly.

Ideally, make sure you have access to several communication platforms. Along with a working phone number and access to company email, make sure to download any collaboration software or other resources your employer makes available. That way, if one platform is overrun due to increased demand or a technical issue arises, you have alternatives readily available.

By making communication a priority, you can maintain essential relationships and even find opportunities for socialization. This can be vital for morale, so don’t be afraid to schedule in some time for a quick watercooler-style chat with other members of your team.

Maintain Professional Dress Code Standards

While working from home, there often isn’t a need to dress the way you would for heading to the office. However, if you let your standards slip, that can actually have a negative impact on your mood.

By keeping up with the dress code standards for your workplace, you are putting yourself in a professional mindset. Plus, you may feel more confident and, if you need to hop onto a video chat, you’ll be camera ready.

Ultimately, feelings of isolation are common while working from home, regardless of whether COVID-19 is a factor. By following the tips above, you can combat loneliness and remain productive, ensuring you can be at your best during these unique times.

If you would like to learn more about navigating the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic, the skills team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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