“Squires has been a great company to work for and all the staff that I have interacted with have been wonderful and so helpful.”

Dianna P., Security Compliance/Audit SME

“Just wanted to formally say that I’ve been very impressed with Joe. He’s been put in a tough spot but is great with the work and most importantly, his collaboration and responsiveness with the team. Awesome, awesome guy, easy to work with even given the tough times.”

Hiring Manager, Global Integrator – Federal Practice

“I would like to thank The Squires Group for the opportunity to work with your team. Christine, Tarry, and others have been extremely supportive and it was an absolute pleasure to represent your company.  Thank you again and I wish everyone at The Squires Group continued success.”

Bill G., Business Process Manager

“Julie, thanks for your help and support during the time I worked at the client site. The client work environment was excellent and I was able to accomplish the objectives for which I was hired.  With my experience, I was able to analyze, resolve matters, and suggest enhancements to the existing business functionality in coordination with… Read more »

Vasu B., SAP Analyst

“You really have a great group of people at The Squires Group! It’s like a well oiled machine where people go out of their way to do things for you. I especially wanted to thank Tarry, Sandi and Mary Ann for their outstanding service.”

Joe J., Project Manager

“I have worked with The Squires Group for over half of my 16 year consulting career. I feel so lucky to be providing services as a Squires Group consultant. When I tell other consultants about my experience with The Squires Group, they wish that they could also be part of our team!”

Lorenzo D., Senior Applications/ Core DBA and System Architect

“I’ve been in and out of many consulting cultures. For integrity and a genuine concern for delivering quality work, and a commitment to support your people in the field, you rank at the top!”

Jon T., Project Manager and Senior PeopleSoft Consultant

“Very friendly and approachable staff and willing to help you all of the time.”

Lorenzo D., Database Administrator

“I have worked with The Squires Group for a total of about seven years now and have had good experiences with being placed in interesting positions. I find the support excellent as far as back office help and the recruiting to be active and effective.”

Laura T., PeopleSoft Expert

“In the four years with The Squires Group, I have had a wonderful experience working with the team and especially with Jane Myers, their Director of Resource Management. I joined The Squires Group because of their strong leadership and their attention to their employees’ growth. I would certainly be willing to recommend strong resources to… Read more »

Arun J., Oracle Federal Financials Expert