5 Things You Are Doing Today that are Preventing You From Getting a Job Offer


If you have been struggling to find a job, you might be your own worst enemy. Certain behaviors and character traits raise red flags for employers, and you may be impeding your hiring eligibility without even knowing it. Take some time for self reflection and look for these five characteristics.

You Don’t Stand Out From Other Candidates

Hiring managers don’t just want to know that you are qualified to do the job. They want to know that you are the best qualified person to do the job. For that reason, you need to make a real effort to stand out from everyone else in the candidate pool. What special skills and experiences do your bring to the table? What can you offer the company that no one else can?

You Don’t Prove that Your Experience Matters

Unless you are making a lateral move, you have probably never had a job with the same responsibilities as the one you’re seeking now. That means you have to frame and tailor your past experiences to demonstrate that you are qualified to take on new duties and bigger assignments. Show the hiring manager that you have a track record of producing results, that you have adapted to changing circumstances in the past, and that your career arc has followed a logical trajectory.

You Don’t Show Enough Interest or Excitement

If you have been slogging through an extended period of unemployment, you may be applying for anything and everything. In those conditions, it can be hard to get excited when a random company calls you for an interview. But this always hurts your chances, no matter how capable or qualified you are. Make sure you always communicate that you are not looking for just any job, you are looking for this job.

You Don’t Pay Enough Attention to the Interviewer

It’s common, even smart, to prepare your answers in advance of an interview. But if you go in and deliver a speech rather than listening to what the interviewer is actually saying and asking, you will come off like a phony candidate. Make sure you follow the interviewer’s lead, and avoid the temptation to steer the course of the interview back to familiar territory.

You are Not Prepared

Preparation is key at every step in the hiring process. Never operate under the assumption that you can “wing it” in an interview without researching the company and carefully considering how your skills fit with the position you’re applying for. This strategy almost inevitably leads to disaster.

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