10 Traits of a Successful Cyber Security Manager, Part 1

Being a successful cyber security manager is about more than just credentials. Lot of people have expertise in cyber security, but that doesn’t mean they can successfully manage cyber security projects. The individuals who thrive in this management role have certain traits that transcend a list of hard skills. And it is these traits that ultimately make them good at their jobs and ensure their success over the long term. If you hope to stand out in this role, make sure you have the following five traits. We will be back next month with five more to focus on.


Cyber security threats can be so small and subtle that the only way to spot them is by being extremely methodical. Cyber security managers have to scrutinize every detail and leave no stone unturned in everything they do. One small oversight could lead to a cyber security disaster.


The careful, systematic work required of a cyber security manager can, frankly, be tedious and boring. That’s why it’s so important for cyber security managers to be eager to explore the complexities of technical issues and approach everything from multiple angles. Professionals who are not excited about being careful and thorough are bound to make costly mistakes.


The practice of cyber security today will look nothing like the practice in 10 years, five years, even one year. Threats are always evolving, and the response has to evolve just as quickly. For that reason, cyber security managers must be highly adaptable, picking up new skills constantly and always striving to stay on the cutting edge. They also need to be willing to abandon past technologies/strategies that start to become ineffective.


Cyber security managers are a lot like detectives. They frequently deal with unknowns and have to piece together disconnected clues to arrive at a solution. For that reason, analytic skills are essential. The resolution to cyber security issues is rarely, if ever, simple, and managers who can’t closely analyze a situation will find themselves outsmarted more often than not.


Today’s threats become more sophisticated every day. Cyber security managers are often playing a game of catch up, trying not to fall too far behind hackers that have amazing resources at their disposal. In order to keep pace, cyber security managers need to be innovative and willing to try new things. If they can’t come up with new approaches, it will be impossible to respond to new threats.

Be sure to check back for the next part in this series. And find more resources to further your career in cyber security by working with The Squires Group.

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