3 Cybersecurity Management Resolutions for 2016

It’s becoming an annual refrain, but the previous year was another bad one for cybersecurity. High-profile breaches exposed alarming amounts of protected data, and new hacking technologies/techniques effectively outsmarted many of the defenses put into place. It’s clear that things have to get better in 2016. With that imperative in mind, all cybersecurity managers should… Read more »

10 Traits of a Successful Cyber Security Manager, Part 1

Being a successful cyber security manager is about more than just credentials. Lot of people have expertise in cyber security, but that doesn’t mean they can successfully manage cyber security projects. The individuals who thrive in this management role have certain traits that transcend a list of hard skills. And it is these traits that… Read more »

3 Employee Engagement Tips for Cyber Security Staff

The importance of employee engagement is only now starting to be fully understood. In the past, companies felt that offering compensation and occasional perks was enough to keep employees engaged. They then wondered why productivity plateaued, innovation dried up, and turnover became epidemic. The simple fact is that the more time and resources you invest… Read more »