Chuck Riddle helps raise awareness and help for Veterans suffering from PTSD

22 Needs a FaceOne of The Squires Group consultants, Chuck Riddle, hit the road to raise awareness and help Veterans who are suffering from PTSD and specifically to eliminate suicide among our Veterans. A study in 2011 showed that an average of 22 Veterans are committing suicide every day and the U.S. has actually lost more service members to suicide than we have in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. “22 Needs a Face” is doing what they can to help prevent suicide among our Veterans.

Chuck started a 15-day motorcycle ride on September 19, 2015, where he will be riding through all lower 48 states to raise money for the charity.

Details regarding the ride (including the planned route) can be found on Chuck’s blog.

Chuck has set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who wants to make a donation to support the ride. All proceeds from the ride will be donated to “22 Needs a Face.”

You can also find information on Facebook at:

Thank you Chuck for supporting this great cause!

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