How to Become an Indispensable IT Employee

While every IT worker brings something to a team, not everyone is considered to be genuinely indispensable. Employees who reach this status don’t just have a robust set of hard skills, but a range of soft skills as well.

By demonstrating that you possess the right mixture of traits, you can set yourself apart from your peers. If you’re ready to get started, here are the soft skills you need to showcase to truly be considered an indispensable IT employee.


A curious nature is often highly coveted by companies as it means you are likely to stay on top of trends and emerging developments. Additionally, it may show you’re always ready to learn more to gain a deeper understanding of the field and your area of expertise.

Since IT is an ever-evolving world, a curious nature is a must. Otherwise, your employer may fear that you’ll fall behind the curve, which can harm their ability to stay ahead of the competition.


New technologies constantly emerge in nearly every area of IT, and being able to roll with the changes demonstrates that you are open to adjusting your approach based on business needs. IT teams can’t afford to miss out on opportunities, so not being willing to embrace the latest and greatest advances can harm your career. However, if you’re open and adaptable, you’ll stand out as an employee worth keeping for the long term.

Problem Solving

In the IT world, problems are practically guaranteed to arise. Whether it’s a project that hits a speedbump or a technology that experiences an error, being able to think critically to find a resolution is a must.

Without problem-solving skills, you’ll struggle to be successful in IT. So, make sure to flex your problem-solving muscles regularly to ensure you’re seen as indispensable.


Since tech teams are often plagued by skill gaps, being willing and able to teach others what you know is incredibly valuable in the eyes of employers. Not only does this show you’re ready to put the needs of the team and business first, it also demonstrates you have strong communication skills and a significant amount of patience, characteristics that aren’t always easy to find.


Similarly, showing you are open to constructive criticism as a means of improving your performance is a coveted trait. Not everyone welcomes feedback, especially if it isn’t all positive, so demonstrating you can use it to increase your performance is a great way to stand out as a top talent.


Technology plays a role in the daily lives of nearly every professional, regardless of their area of expertise. This means IT employees often interact with people from specialties outside the tech world, and being able to understand how they all play a vital role in company operations can help you stand out.

You don’t need to become an expert in every field to be effective. But, understanding the basics of other business areas is an ideal way to show you are truly indispensable.

By developing the traits above, you demonstrate your value to the business, providing you with a level of job security and more opportunities in the future.

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