In-Demand Skills Needed to be Successful in Cybersecurity

As the number of cybersecurity threats in existence continue to grow, companies are putting additional emphasis on hiring professionals who can mitigate the risks and fight back against an attack. This creates a significant amount of potential for employees working or interested in the field, allowing them to find lucrative positions in the cybersecurity arena.

But, if you want to land a particularly coveted role, you’ll need the right set of skills. To help you get started, here are some of the cybersecurity skills companies are seeking today.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection is a crucial part of any cybersecurity plan. It allows businesses to identify potentially harmful activity before any damage is done or gives them the ability to lock down their systems to lessen the impact.

There are multiple forms of intrusion detection, and being competent in each area can help you stand out from other candidates when you apply for an open position.

Software Development

Being able to design secure software is essential for companies, ensuring they aren’t inherently vulnerable based on how applications function. Vulnerabilities and flaws in code allow cyber attacks to penetrate systems, so eliminating these risks is a common business objective. This means professionals who are experienced in the area of secure software development are highly prized by employers, increasing their chance of advancing in the field.

Risk Mitigation

Having the ability to identify risks before vulnerabilities are exploited is also a highly valuable skill. Risk mitigation is a process for locating and defining potential flaws in projects and tracking risks as things progress. Additionally, it involves being able to formulate possible solutions in advance by understanding which assets are most important as well as the threats that may target them.

Cloud Security

As more companies turn to the cloud to streamline and increase the efficiency of business operations, cybersecurity professionals need to be able to protect these systems as well as their connections to internal infrastructure and assets. Since cloud security is a relatively new skill, professionals with education, training or experience in this area are in high demand.

Security Analysis

Being able to analyze systems and create a strong plan for implementing security measures is a fundamental part of most entry-level cybersecurity roles, making it a must-have for many professionals working in the field. This skill allows you to plan new security measures and activate them within a variety of systems, ensuring that new and existing assets are properly protected.

By possessing the skills above, you increase the likelihood you’ll stand out as an ideal candidate for a cybersecurity role, giving you the opportunity to showcase your talents in a coveted position or to advance your career.

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