These Technologies Could Disrupt Your Business in 2018

When it comes to disrupting how business is done, few things make the same kind of impact as technology. The tech world evolves quickly, and new trends have the potential to revolutionize everything from daily operations to overall efficiency.

In 2018, specific technologies are poised to change things in notable ways, especially for companies that are willing to embrace digital transformation as a mechanism for increasing profitability. If you want to know which technologies you should explore, here are a few that could get in the way of your business this year.


Many forward-thinking organizations have already started to introduce chatbots into their operations. Not only can these be excellent for providing top-notch customer service, they can also help your employees.

A chatbot has the ability to hold conversations with people, processing language and providing answers to a range of questions. From a customer service standpoint, they can provide customers with answers to common questions, all without having to speak with an actual employee.

Chatbots are also showing up in internal operations. For example, they can help employees find answers to questions about the software applications they use, training programs and much more.

We are just beginning to see what chatbots can do for businesses, so those who implement the technology early will be prepared to reap the benefits of new advances.


IoT devices have become a popular method for reducing costs and improving operational efficiency, particularly in industrial settings. They can ensure that automated processes are proceeding as planned, identify bottlenecks, and track orders from beginning to end, providing valuable data all along the way.

Other businesses are also benefitting from IoT data as more consumers purchase products that integrate into their daily lives, providing indications about how they manage their lives and their priorities.

Now that the technologies are becoming commonplace, there has been increased interest in how to effectively secure these devices. There is some level of risk associated with IoT, and we’ll likely see some interesting security advances throughout the year.

Virtual Assistants

Natural language processing has improved substantially, making virtual assistants more capable in a variety of environments. In the business world, these technologies are still emerging, even though they have become increasingly commonplace in the private sector.

Like IoT, security concerns have slowed the integration of virtual assistants into company operations. However, since these worries are known, security improvements are likely on the horizon. Once they are in place, these technologies could have a substantial impact on productivity, streamlining operations in a number of ways.

Immersive Experiences

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are becoming more robust, allowing for the development of immersive experiences through head-mounted displays. They’ll provide a range of capabilities, including anything from the ability to project an informational overlay onto various pieces of equipment to allowing customers to try on clothes that aren’t in stock in a retail store.

This is another area where the full potential has yet to be realized, but AR and VR are both poised to make waves in 2018.

All of the trends above have the potential to disrupt your business in 2018, so keeping an eye on these developments is a smart move, allowing you to create effective strategies that let you take advantage of everything they have to offer.

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