The Best Data Science Bootcamps That Will Advance Your Career

Data scientists are a hot commodity in today’s labor market. More companies are relying on data science to gain insight into operations and customer preferences, and it takes skilled professionals to find meaning in the information.

But, there aren’t enough data scientists to meet demand, making it a potentially lucrative choice for job seekers interested in moving in a new direction. If you are ready to explore a career in data science, here are some of the best boot camps designed to help you advance your career.

Byte Academy

Offering flexible options, including full-time, part-time, and remote programs, Byte Academy provides a comprehensive course in data science. Plus, the organization offers a guarantee: If you don’t find a job within six months, they will refund your tuition.


DataCamp is an online-only program aimed at professionals who are already working in fields like technology or finance. However, anyone with an interest in data science can benefit from the program.

The course doesn’t just focus on skills, but also offers opportunities to use what you learn in real-world scenarios and on hands-on projects. You can try the program for free, but you’ll need to purchase a subscription to complete the course.


Dataquest teaches students through the use of interactive coding challenges, allowing you to work with data instead of just hearing about it. You receive feedback throughout the course to help keep you on target and have the option to pick from three paths: data scientist, data engineer, and data analyst.


Offering a 13-week course, Galvanize focuses on everything required to be a competent data scientist, including everything from Python to machine learning to statistics. Learning is based on real-world case studies, and the course ends with a capstone project.

As part of the application process, each prospective student is required to complete a technical exercise to determine their current level of understanding and predict whether they could be a success in the field.

The Data Incubator

This eight-week program is designed for highly experienced tech professionals, mostly those with at least a master’s degree, and aims to provide students with the remaining skills they need to perform in the data science arena.

Generally, you need a strong knowledge base to be a success in this course, so it isn’t ideal for IT beginners.

The Data Science Dojo

Offered as a five-day bootcamp at each of their campuses, the Data Science Dojo is one of the shortest courses available. While most professionals who attend already have a solid understanding of technology, people of any experience level are welcome.

Attendees are exposed to material focused on machine learning, predictive models as a service, and even the IoT.

Ultimately, all of the courses above can help someone further or jump-start a career in data science, making them strong options for ambitious professionals.

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