Every IT Professional Should Have These Soft Skills

IT professionals often focus on developing their technical skills as a means of advancing their careers. While hard skills are certainly a must, certain soft skills are also essential for success. If you are wondering which soft skills provide employers with the most value, potentially leading to more lucrative opportunities, here are a few that can help you get ahead.


While salesmanship and IT don’t innately seem to go together, the ability to sell is a critical soft skill for nearly every professional. Tech pros frequently have to sell management and their customers on their ideas or approach, showcasing why their concept for a solution is ideal for the situation. This makes salesmanship a must if you want to get ahead in the IT world.


Effective communication plays an important role in the lives of any professional, including those working in the IT field. Being able to discuss complex topics with members of management and customers who may not be as tech-savvy is critical, especially when it comes to defining requirements and explaining technical limitations.

Additionally, communication is the foundation upon which teamwork is built. The ability to discuss ideas and coordinate activities with co-workers is crucial for large-scale projects. Without effective communication, relevant information may not be relayed properly, leading to issues or delays that could otherwise be avoided.

Collaborative Mindset

IT projects rarely lie in the hands of a single tech professional. Instead, a variety of people are involved, including other team members, end users, management and more. Understanding that every participant provides value, and encouraging everyone to take part in the project, can yield better results when compared to operating in a silo. By embracing collaboration, you facilitate more effective exchanges, allowing everyone to be heard and steer the project toward the ideal outcome.


Being able to view a project from the perspective of the customer or end user is incredibly helpful in IT. This allows you to understand the nature of their frustrations or why they are requesting certain features. Empathy can lead to a better product, ensuring the needs and desires of those who will be using the solution have been considered at every stage of development.

Customer Service

In the end, every IT professional serves a customer. This could be a consumer on the open market or an internal employee, depending on the nature of your role. By approaching interactions with a customer-service mindset, you can navigate different personality types effectively and with the proper tone. This results in more positive interactions, increasing the level of customer satisfaction.


At its core, the world of IT is all about problem solving. Whether it’s troubleshooting a technical challenge or creating a solution that meets a customer’s needs, you are being presented with an issue that must be remedied. Problem-solving skills allow you to review the situation, locate errors, address concerns, and find suitable answers or approaches to handle the issue.

Ultimately, all of the soft skills above are crucial for IT professionals who want to succeed in the field. If you are interested in learning more, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to discuss your goals for your IT career today and see how our expertise can benefit you.

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