The Impact of AI on IT Operations

While still largely considered a fledgling technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is already making a significant mark in the world of IT operations. AI has the ability to improve tech support processes, optimize infrastructure, and even predict potential breakdowns, providing the ability to intervene before disaster strikes.

The full impact AI will have on IT operations likely won’t be known for some time, but certain changes are already taking place. If you are curious how AI is impacting IT today, here’s what you need to know.

Tech Support Chatbots

A large number of tech support calls involve common problems with fairly predictable solutions. Until recently, IT pros had to field all these calls, leading them to spend a significant amount of time working with end users on simple issues instead of focusing on more complex tasks or critical projects.

However, that is no longer the only approach. Tech support chatbots, powered by AI, are becoming more common, providing users with a simple interface for obtaining assistance with common queries. If an issue is beyond the AI’s capabilities, the system can automatically forward the conversation to an IT professional, ensuring the customer’s problem will be resolved.

Infrastructure Management

Monitoring large networks can be a cumbersome task, but it’s necessary to maintain proper operations. Ensuring that workloads are properly distributed increases overall business efficiency, allowing everyone to have access to the appropriate resources as required.

While the process used to be predominately manual, relying heavily on report generation and review by tech professionals, AI can now automate portions of the process, making adjustments as needed to optimize the network.

Similarly, the technology can assist with monitoring traffic, something that can be critical for ensuring connectivity on wireless networks. It can help identify access points that are overburdened or even hardware that isn’t performing as it should.

Predictive Maintenance

Hardware breakdowns can significantly harm productivity. Previously, IT professionals often had to deal with the problem reactively, only knowing that a problem existed when a piece of equipment failed.

Now, certain AI programs have the ability to predict breakdowns before they occur. This allows IT staff to intervene before a failure occurs, reducing the total amount of downtime required, preserving valuable data, and lowering the overall cost of maintenance.

The Current State of AI in IT Operations

At this time, AI programs are highly specialized. They are designed to handle specific tasks or problems, not serve as a general-purpose solution for a wide range of needs. Predominately, this is because AI requires a substantial amount of data before it can be implemented, limiting the number of duties a single solution can cover. Plus, issues with various AI systems communicating with each other is also hindering the technologies potential.

Ultimately, AI, as a technology, is still maturing. Over time, more robust systems will be created, and solutions that can provide general-purpose results may come available. However, it may be years before that becomes a reality. In the meantime, AI is still a wonder in the world of IT and will continue to fundamentally change operations on a near-daily basis.

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