The Most Important Traits to Look for When Hiring a Programmer

When you need a top-notch programmer, you must make sure they have the right combination of skills and traits that will allow them to excel in your workplace. Often, this means looking beyond technical ability and assessing the soft skills they bring to the table.

If you want to find a great programmer and not just one who can do the job, here are the characteristics you need to find.

A Logical Mind

Logic skills are incredibly important in the world of programming. The ability to examine a problem and think their way through it is a crucial part of working in the field.

Often, individuals with math and science backgrounds have a logical mind. However, you can also assess other candidate’s capabilities by presenting them with problems where they need to fill in the blanks, giving you the ability to evaluate how they think when faced with a simple challenge.

Fast Reading and Comprehension

While programmers do spend a significant amount of time writing code, they also do a surprising amount of reading. They may need to review code created by others or conduct research to find examples or review documentation.

Programmers who read slowly will naturally be less productive. Similarly, low reading comprehension can harm their level of efficiency, particularly if they have to reach out to others for assistance.

Attention to Detail

Even the smallest misstep can make a piece of code non-functional. If a programmer has high attention to detail, they understand the importance of the accuracy and its value to the coding process.

Being a Quick Learner in Other Areas

Most programmers have duties beyond writing code. For example, they may need to gather requirements from end users or research a business area to identify their core functions and needs.

Often, this process means the programmer needs to be adept about learning outside of the coding space. While they don’t need to be subject-matter experts in every field they coordinate with, being able to grasp the basics can make a world of difference when it comes to their overall rate of productivity.


At times, one of the most prominent characteristics that separates top talent from those who aren’t going to be top performers is passion. Programmers who live and breathe code are typically more motivated by their work and may have an increased chance of innovating along the way, both of which can be highly valuable.


Nearly every programming project involves several changes before it is completed. If a programmer isn’t adaptable, they may struggle to roll with the punches when the unexpected occurs, hindering productivity and potentially harming the quality of their outputs.

In contrast, an adaptable programmer won’t just deal with change; they’ll embrace it. They understand it comes with the territory, and aren’t afraid to shift their course whenever the need arises.

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