Learn About the Strategies Tech Leaders Use to Recruit Top Talent

When the labor market is tight, top tech leaders don’t rely on a single strategy to find the IT talent they need. Instead, according to a recent survey, they embrace a variety of approaches, effectively casting a wide net in a move to overcome the hiring challenges are facing.

Being agile when tech unemployment is low should be viewed as a necessity, especially for professionals in fields like software development and IT security. Increased demand for these skill sets means competition for the best and brightest is fierce, so being open-minded regarding how to recruit for positions in these areas is a must.

If you are wondering which strategies tech leaders are using to recruit top talent today, here are the most popular options.

Reducing the Must-Haves List and Offering Training

At times, the easiest way to broaden your talent pool is to be less stringent in the vacancy announcement. Long lists of must-have skills and experiences significantly reduce the number of applications you are likely to receive, especially since many job seekers won’t apply unless they completely match the stated requirements.

For this approach to generate long-term results, companies need to be open to training new hires. However, if you focus your search on candidates with strong soft skills, a solid foundation and a willingness to learn, you may be able to find a job seeker who can be molded into your ideal employee.

Increase Salary and Benefits Packages

One of the most traditional approaches for standing out from your competitors is to offer salaries and benefits beyond what is typically seen for similar work. While pay is usually only one of several points job seekers consider, it can be a valuable method for catching their attention and encouraging them to learn more about what your business has to offer.

However, over time, this can actually push the average compensation for such work up in your local area. If your competition sees you are effectively finding top talent with this approach, they may work to match what you’re offering, making additional increases necessary if you want to stay ahead.

Working With a Specialized Recruiter

Often, recruitment firms that specialize in the IT space are an excellent resource when you need to find highly skilled tech talent quickly. They commonly have strong networks, allowing them to reach out to both active and passive job seekers.

Plus, they are highly adept at understanding your needs and translating them into an effective recruitment strategy. This increases the odds of finding a best-fit candidate in a shorter timeframe, effectively accelerating your hiring process.

Recruitment firms can also help you assess whether you need a permanent employee or a contractor. If your needs are project specific, they can help you locate professionals who are open to short-term opportunities, allowing you to benefit from the candidate’s skills only for the duration you genuinely require them.

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