The Benefits of Actively Looking for a Job During the Holidays

The winter holidays are usually a hectic time, so many job seekers decide to put their search on hold until the start of the new year. But choosing to end the hunt, even for a few months, can mean missing out on exciting opportunities. Plus, it may actually be easier to land a coveted role during the holidays, especially if competition is typically fierce.

If you are wondering whether you should put your job search on hold until after the new year, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t.

Companies Are Hiring

One common misconception is companies don’t hire much near the holidays. However, that simply isn’t the case. Most businesses begin searching for candidates as soon as they realize they have a need, and the date on the calendar does little to slow them down.

Plus, some companies have increasing needs during the holiday season, leading to a ramp-up in short-term opportunities. Others are preparing for their busy season, including many accounting organizations and departments that want to be ready before tax time.

Ultimately, you don’t want to allow this hiring myth to stop you from seeking out a new job. There are opportunities available, so go ahead and start or continue your search throughout the holiday season.

Less Competition

For some, managing a job search during the holiday season isn’t practical. Many people have increasing family obligations during this time of year, so they may not be able to dedicate their downtime to finding new employment. Additionally, many professionals believe in the misconception discussed above, assuming there aren’t jobs to be found during the holiday months.

In either case, this translates to fewer people applying to vacancies. If you decide to continue your search this time of year, you may face less competition as a result. You may land more interviews because the candidate pool is smaller, or it may simply be easier to stand out from the crowd.

Federal Proposals Are in the Works

While the federal government and government contractors usually hire throughout the year, the start of the fiscal year can be especially active. Since the fiscal year began on October 1, many proposals that can lead to increased hiring are in the works and may be approved in the coming weeks or months, which is the height of the holiday season.

By being open to job hunting during the holidays, you may gain access to more opportunities while facing less competition, creating a more favorable environment overall. While it can be daunting to juggle your search with your other obligations, it has the potential to pay off with an exciting opportunity, making it worth the effort.

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