Important Resume, Networking, and Interviewing Tips for 2021

Searching for a career-boosting opportunity can be a lengthy process. However, you do have the ability to shorten the timetable. By using the right strategy, you can take your resume and interview to the next level. Additionally, by properly approaching networking, you increase your odds of securing a coveted referral.

If you want your 2021 job search to yield results quickly, here are some important resume, networking, and interviewing tips that can help.

Resume Tips

First and foremost, you always want to target your resume to the role you’re trying to land. Look at the job description to identify keywords, then add those to your resume using the exact same phrasing and spelling. With that approach, you’re more likely to make it through automated screening, increasing your chances that your resume will be viewed by the hiring manager.

Additionally, if you’re applying to a work-from-home position, highlight any remote work skills you’ve acquired during COVID-19. Mention projects that you handled while telecommuting as well as remote work technologies that you know well. That shows you can succeed even when working outside of the office and could be a difference-maker.

Finally, add a link to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio website. This can work as a supplement to what you share in your resume, ensuring the hiring manager can find it quickly to learn more about what you bring to the table.

Interviewing Tips

Since COVID-19 is still a factor, many interviews are happening online. If you want to make sure you’re ready for a video interview, do a technology audit. Make sure your camera and microphone work properly, as being seen and heard clearly are both musts.

Additionally, pick an interview space and see how it looks on camera before your interview. You may need to adjust the lighting to make sure you can be seen. It’s also wise to look at what’s visible in the background, ensuring that anything you don’t want to show up on the hiring manager’s screen is removed before your meeting time.

When it comes to preparing interview answers, be achievement-oriented. By sharing accomplishments, you are showing exactly how you put your skills to work and the results you provide. Pick examples that highlight the requested skills, ensuring your responses are relevant and intriguing.

Networking Tips

While in-person networking may not be an option due to the coronavirus pandemic, that doesn’t mean other approaches aren’t available. Spend time connecting on social media, especially on LinkedIn. Schedule video chats to simulate getting together for a cup of coffee or pick up the phone for a real conversation.

Also, make use of online platforms that support group discussions. Facebook groups, technology-related subreddits, and similar options can be a great way to connect with other professionals, as well as showcase your expertise.

Finally, make sure you start building relationships with recruiters. By partnering with a recruitment agency, you gain access to a job search ally who can help you identify matches, refine your resume, prepare for interviews, and more.

If you’re looking for a new position in 2021 and want a skilled recruiter by your side, The Squires Group staff wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our team members today.

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