What Do Technologists Look for in an Employer Brand?

When you want to attract top talent, the quality of your employer brand matters. Technologists have strong preferences and distinct needs. If your employer brand doesn’t measure up in their eyes, they may pass your opportunities by without a second thought.

Luckily, your employer brand is something you can adjust and cultivate. If you want to make sure that yours resonates with leading technologists, here are some insights into what those professionals want to find in an employer brand.

Meaningful Work

Most technologists want to know that their efforts are making a difference in a grand sense. It isn’t enough that their duties keep the company moving; their responsibilities must connect to something greater to imbue them with meaning.

Make sure that your culture focuses on sharing how each technologist’s duties align with the broader mission. Showcase how their position positively impacts goals, the local community, and more. This provides them with greater job satisfaction, boosting morale and making even the smallest tasks infinitely more meaningful.

Work/Life Balance

While technologists understand that the occasional long day might be necessary, if you constantly require them to work beyond a traditional workday, your employer brand will diminish. Work/life balance is important to technologists, so they favor companies that can offer them that.

Whether it’s reasonable to schedule expectations, flexible schedule options, the ability to work from home, generous leave policies, or any other approach, finding ways to support work/life balance is a must. That makes you a more enticing employer, particularly to top talent.

Recognition and Appreciation

Every employee wants to feel valued by their employer. When you don’t openly acknowledge the efforts of technologists, resentment and frustration often build. In a surprisingly short amount of time, this damages your employer brand, something that can hinder both recruitment and retention.

Make sure that your company culture embraces recognition and appreciation. Everything from simple a “thank you” to rewards for going the extra mile matter. They make employees feel seen and valued, boosting morale and job satisfaction. In turn, it increases your odds of being viewed as an employer of choice, a position that can make recruitment and retention easier to manage.

Opportunities for Creativity

Chances to be creative are enticing to top performers. Many technology jobs involve a lot of repetition, so the occasional opportunity to break out of the routine and innovate are highly coveted. They lead to healthy, engaging challenges, making the technologists’ days more exciting and meaningful.

In some cases, offering a degree of autonomy can be enough. As long as technologists achieve the desired result, give them some flexibility regarding their approach to the task.

Additionally, when it comes to solving problems or strategizing, welcome everyone’s ideas. Gather input and genuinely consider the options. While you may not pursue everyone, you will come across some that are worthwhile. By moving forward with those, you’re encouraging and rewarding creativity, making innovation part of your culture.

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