Follow These Tips to Start Your Tech Career in 2021

Launching your tech career is an exciting time, but it can also be a bit daunting. You want to make solid decisions that boost your career potential, ensuring you can succeed in the tech field.

While landing your first tech job is a crucial part of the equation, it isn’t the only thing you should be doing to send your career in the right direction. If you’re starting a tech career in 2021, here are some tips that can help you begin on the best foot possible.

Set Short-Term Goals

Goals are incredibly beneficial throughout your career. They allow you to focus on specific objectives, giving you a framework for making career-oriented decisions.

If you’re new to the tech field, starting with short-term goals is wise. For example, you may want to pick an individual skill that can help you exceed expectations in your first role or let you take the next step after gaining a bit of experience.

By picking something small that you can complete within six months to a year, you can create forward momentum. Plus, you’re positioning yourself for quick success, and that can be a serious boost.

Explore Certifications

While having a degree is a must in many tech fields, certifications are the better approach once you’ve completed your foundational education. They allow you to showcase your expertise in specific niches, making them powerful additions to your resume. Plus, they usually don’t take as long to obtain as a Bachelor’s or Master’s, allowing them to boost your career faster.

Consider what tech niches resonate most with your career. Then, explore certifications that align with those goals. See what it takes to qualify for them, and use that as a guide for short-term goal-setting.

You can also review common must-have requirements for jobs you want to land in the future. Many positions require specific certifications. If you have your eyes on a role that lists one as a must, then see what it’ll take to earn that particular credential and get on a path toward it.

Find a Mentor

A mentor can be an asset. With a mentor, you have a tech professional available to guide you when you face challenges, provide you with beneficial knowledge, and serve as a sounding board for career-related decisions.

Ideally, you want to find a mentor on a career path you’d like to follow. Additionally, you need to make sure that you mesh on all levels, allowing you to cultivate a meaningful relationship with someone you like and respect.

There are several ways to begin a mentor search. Along with turning to colleagues with more experience than you, you can check out your alumni network or members of professional organizations you’ve joined as starting points.

Ultimately, 2021 is a great time to start a tech career. By using the tips above, you can make sure you begin yours in the best way possible.

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