Are You Interested in Web Development Training? Check Out This Guide

Today, we live in an interconnected, digital world. Information, products, and services are always just a few clicks away, often thanks to the hard work of web developers.

Web development is a unique facet of the broader technology landscape. It combines form and function, requiring both technical expertise and artistic flair to create truly engaging designs. As a result, many people are drawn to the world of web development when they are trying to choose a career.

Like most IT segments, web developers have to sharpen their skills before being eligible for most jobs. If you’re curious about web development training, here’s what you need to know.

Types of Web Developer Training

There isn’t just one way to acquire web development skills. While many web developers do go the traditional route, earning either a two- or four-year college degree as a foundation for their career, others don’t.

Vocational or certificate programs are a popular alternative. Typically offered by trade schools or online schools, these programs allow students to hone their web development skills in less time than it takes to get a traditional degree. This is usually somewhere in the six-month to two-year range, depending on course load.

Another quicker option is a web developer bootcamp. These intensives prioritize the acquisition of practical skills by using real-world scenarios. The rapid-fire, highly focused nature of bootcamps means students may be able to finish their initial training in three months or less.

Finally, some web developers are self-taught. They may turn to online resources – both free and paid – as well as trial and error, to sharpen their skills.

Ultimately, any of those approaches are viable. However, if you go the self-taught route, the odds are higher that you’ll need a portfolio or similar demonstration of your expertise to land a position. That way, a hiring manager can see your work, making it more likely that they’ll overlook your lack of formal credentials.

Cost of Web Development Training

The cost of web development training varies greatly depending on your approach. With the self-taught option, you could potentially learn what you need to know for free. YouTube videos, books from the library, and certain online classes are open to everyone, giving you a way to learn regardless of your budget.

On the other side of the spectrum is a four-year college degree that can run tens of thousands of dollars. In between, you’ll find two-year degrees, vocational programs, bootcamps, and online certificate programs. Those can vary from several thousand dollars to a few hundred bucks, depending on the courses you take or the program you choose.

In the end, there’s likely something to fit every budget. If you’re new to web development, starting with free online resources could be a smart move. It’ll let you explore the field without a financial commitment, giving you a chance to make sure it’s a good fit before investing further.

Why Learning Web Development Is an Excellent Idea

Since the demand for digital content, e-commerce sites, and similar web pages remains high, the need for skilled web developers is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is growing faster than average. As a result, people with the right skills can often find excellent job opportunities without much difficulty.

If you’re ready to get your web development career moving and want to learn more about what it takes to break into this exciting field, the staff at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today.

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