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How Can You Become a Better Workforce Leader?

All successful companies depend on leadership. It is not enough to simply have effective managers, in order to seize opportunities, evolve at the pace of change, and stay relevant in the face of competition, organizations of all types need workforce leaders. And, thankfully, the old expression that leaders are born and not made turns out… Read more »

Hot Jobs in Washington DC – IT Security Analyst

IT security is already a paramount concern, and it’s necessity and complexity will only grow in coming years. If you are looking for a career path that provides lucrative and intellectually stimulating opportunities to work with a wide variety of employers, consider becoming an IT security analyst. Your skills will be in demand from day… Read more »

Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day with The Squires Group

Friday Jun, 20th is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This exciting occasion invites employees to bring their pet to work, and it is as fun for the dogs as the employees. The animals get a chance to interact with new friends and new environments, and employees get to brighten up the workplace with dogs… Read more »

Using Talent Solutions to Find Top-Tier Employees

Recruiting is never an easy process, and when you need to find the best of the best, it gets even more difficult. That is why it helps to rely on a partner that can provide you with the ideal employee, not just a capable employee. To find candidates that have the elusive blend of skills,… Read more »

Hot Job in Washington DC – System Security Engineer

Data security is one of today’s most pressing IT issues. The consequences of a data breach, combined with new regulations mandating data security, compel all types of organizations to start taking serious steps to safeguard their digital information.   That responsibility often falls to a system security engineer, a job that CNN Money recently ranked… Read more »

The Future of Cyber Security

High profile cyber attacks on organizations ranging from Target to the NSA have further emphasized what many already knew- cyber security is one of the most pressing issues of our time. No individual, business or institution, regardless of their location, means, or level of technical engagement, can afford to ignore the threat of cyber attacks.… Read more »

ERP in the Cloud | Preventing Cyber Security Attacks

The shift to cloud computing has allowed businesses of all types to lower their IT costs, access scalable resources, and reduce the on-site burden of their IT infrastructure. And more and more of them are using the cloud to manage their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. It makes sense to use the benefits of the… Read more »

Manage Your Career Transition with the Help of a Consultant

When people first hear about career consultants, they often think of their high school guidance counselor. In reality, the two positions are worlds apart. Guidance counselors offer tepid motivation, generalized advice, and tired platitudes. Career consultants, by contrast, work directly with clients to identify their actual skills and their most realistic career opportunities. If you… Read more »

To Stay Technical or Move to a Project Management Role? – That is the Question

Transitioning from a technical position to a project management role is not a decision to be made lightly. Although the two fields are related, they have unique advantages, disadvantages, and responsibilities. If you do not consider all of them in advance while asking yourself some important questions, you could end up taking a position you… Read more »

What Makes a Great Leader?

In today’s business world, a growing emphasis has been placed on finding leaders rather than mere managers. In order to remain competitive in cutthroat marketplaces, companies need individuals in the driver’s seat that have the vision and motivational skills to come up with the products and services of tomorrow. Unfortunately, identifying the makeup of a… Read more »