Are Your Job Postings Attracting the Talent You Need?

As anyone who has made hiring decisions knows, finding the right candidate involves more than just offering up a job. A mountain of resumes and applications can fail to produce a single qualified applicant. With so much talk about unemployment, it is easy to assume that exceptional job seekers would be clamoring to apply for… Read more »

Are You Building Performance Management into Your Recruitment Process?

Performance management strategies have changed the ways that companies handle fundamental HR issues. When done correctly, performance management provides a comprehensive and accurate assessment of an employee’s strengths, weaknesses, and overall value to an organization. When making the decision to promote, fire, or refocus an employee, this information is essential.   People tend to associate… Read more »

Looking for a Job? Would YOU hire YOU?

Preparing for a job hunt is complicated. There are so many variables to address and getting just one wrong can prevent you from getting the job you want. Updating your resume, searching for open jobs and preparing for interviews – how do you know if you are on the right track? Start by asking yourself… Read more »

Avoid these Job-Hunting Mistakes When Applying for Open Positions!

Finding a job is tricky enough without making rookie errors that can leave you out of the running. Take a few minutes to create a strategy that covers all your bases. Avoid the carelessness that job-seeking stress can bring and your road to finding a new job will be a shorter one. Don’t Be Generic.… Read more »

Using a Phone Interview to Your Advantage

Today’s businesses are taking a more careful approach to hiring, and that often involves a preliminary phone interview as a way to screen job applicants. In a world where each individual is an important asset to a company or business, hiring is a serious process, and each stage of the interview is critically important, not… Read more »

Maximize Hiring Potential by Making a Lasting (Positive) First Impression

A large amount of the individuals who have made their way up the corporate ladder or excelled in their chosen fields have learned about the value of the first impression. But how do job applicants benefit from creating a good first impression at an interview, or when meeting a hiring manager for the first time?… Read more »