Have a Job Interview Coming Up? Do Your Research!

Scoring an interview is exciting; it means your resume caught the hiring manager’s eye and they want to see if you’re the right person for the job. If you really want to be a stand-out candidate, it is time to do some research.

By dedicating some time to learning more about the company, you gain insight into what they hope to find during the hiring process as well as what the organization values. You can also learn more about what the business produces, ensuring you have a solid knowledge base when speaking about how you can benefit the company.

To help you manage the research process, here are some key pieces of information you should work to find.

High-Priority Qualifications

Every company has specific skills or experiences they consider high value in an employee. Often, you can discover some of these by examining the job posting for clues. For example, the competencies they list near the top may be more critical, and any skill that is repeated is likely to be a top priority.

You can also skim other vacancy announcements to find commonalities that suggest a larger, organizational goal. Or read the introduction to their career page for insight on who the company is trying to attract.

All of the points are relevant and can help you determine what to highlight during the interview.

Key Players

Most businesses are hierarchal by nature, and those at the top are worth researching. Go to the company’s “About” page and search for bios on important players like the CEO or president, department directors, and even managers.

If time allows, consider delving deeper by looking these individuals up on social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter. What they post or repost gives you insight into their priorities and can help you during the interview.

Current Events

Take a moment and search for any recent news about the company. You can often find information on the organization’s website or through a basic online search.

Reviewing their recent activities helps you stay abreast of where the business is today and can give you something to discuss during your interview.

Mission and Values Statements

To find out more about the company’s culture, turn to their mission and values statements. This gives you an overview of their priorities as well as how they operate. Both of these points can help you determine if you are intrinsically connected to their larger goals and their way of doing business, allowing you to find common ground and express your excitement more easily during the interview.

Company Offerings

Before heading into an interview, it’s essential you understand what products or services the business provides, regardless of the role you’ll play. In the end, every employee is working to ensure the associated offerings can be delivered to customers, so knowing what they are will leave you better positioned during the interview.

While working with The Squires Group, if you want to learn more about how to research a company before a job interview, or are looking for a new position, our team wants to hear from you. Contact us to schedule time with one of our recruitment specialists today.

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