Following These 10 Steps Will Help You Advance Your Career

Building a successful career isn’t something that typically happens overnight. Instead, it’s a journey, one that you can optimize to enhance your success. If you want to make sure you can reach your goals, here are ten steps that will help you advance your career. Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel on Day One When… Read more »

Top Job Hunting Trends to Keep In Mind This Year

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The pandemic has fundamentally altered the job market and job hunting trends. Today, employers have new priorities when evaluating candidates. Additionally, even with labor shortages, competition for certain roles – particularly those with employers of choice – can be surprisingly fierce. Thankfully, candidates can stay ahead of the curve. By being mindful of job hunting… Read more »

Can DevOps Skills Help You Land Your Next Job?

Today, DevOps engineers are increasingly common within tech teams and company hierarchies. While that clarifies that those specializing in DevOps can find opportunities with greater ease, it isn’t always easy to see how that could impact other technologists. Many tech professionals are trying to figure out if they’ll need DevOps skills to stay ahead in… Read more »

What Are Some of the Most Popular Programming Languages with Developers?

With so many programming languages out there, it isn’t a surprise that developers have preferences regarding what they’d rather use. It could be differences in capabilities or features that allow one to become a favorite. In some cases, it’s the simplicity of a language that attracts fans. If you’re curious about the most popular programming… Read more »

Learn How You Can Improve Your Software Developer Skills on Your Own

Keeping your software developer career on target usually means building new skills as often as possible. While many companies offer access to training, not all of them may have the kind of coursework you need to stay ahead of the pack. In those cases, taking ownership of your learning is a smart move. If you… Read more »

How to Make Sure Your Company Has a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Companies that create cultures that support diversity and inclusion often outperform competitors that don’t make that effort. However, while managers are typically aware of that benefit, not all know how to make positive changes in those areas. As a result, while they may have the best of intentions, their execution can be lacking. By examining… Read more »

What Are the Most In-Demand Remote Tech Jobs?

During the pandemic, most office-based technology professionals were suddenly working from home, largely out of necessity. However, the situation incidentally created an opportunity, allowing tech specialists to showcase their ability to remain productive while working remotely. Plus, the paradigm shift also eased employer concerns about telecommuting. As a result, they’ve become increasingly open to the… Read more »

This Coding Language Is Having a Big Impact on Finance Firms

When choosing a programming language to add to your repertoire, it’s common to focus on classic options like Python, Java, and C++. However, some lesser-used languages are worth considering, especially those that are making waves in various industries. OCaml is one such language. It isn’t just concise and dynamic; OCaml is also turning heads in… Read more »

These 4 Tips Will Help You Turn a Job Rejection into an Opportunity

Whether you’ve experienced it once or a hundred times, a job rejection always stings. It typically feels as if something ended before it genuinely had a chance to begin, leaving you disheartened, frustrated, and, potentially, confused. While it may seem like there is little you can do after a job rejection, that isn’t the case.… Read more »

These 5 Tech Skills Will Help You Earn More

When it comes to salary growth potential, not all tech skills are created equal. While some can certainly support a technologist’s career, others can launch you forward. Not only will they lead to higher compensation now, but they can put you on a path toward long-term financial growth, often to the point of outpacing other… Read more »