Will Work from Anywhere Become the New Work from Home?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many companies initially had little choice but to allow their teams to work from home. As a result, an increasing number of organizations enjoy a range of benefits that the arrangement can provide, including higher productivity and significant cost savings. That has led many to embrace the paradigm, potentially to… Read more »

How to Find a Tech Job After Being on an Extended Hiatus

Many technologists take breaks from their careers. In some cases, the reasoning behind stepping back is personal, such as recovering from burnout or addressing a family health issue. However, others may have ended up on an extended hiatus involuntarily, as can happen when you’re hit with a surprise layoff. In many cases, finding a tech… Read more »

What Are the Top Cybersecurity Certifications and Skills Employers Are Looking For?

Cybersecurity continues to be a priority for companies, particularly in a post-COVID-19 landscape. When employees work from home, it introduces vulnerabilities that may not exist in a worksite-based paradigm. As a result, businesses must continue to invest heavily to keep their assets safe, including by hiring skilled cybersecurity professionals. While there is technically a shortage… Read more »

Ensure New Remote Hires Get Off to a Great Start With These Onboarding Tips

While COVID-19 did lead to widespread layoffs in many industries, not all businesses had to shrink their workforces. For some organizations, hiring is even necessary, ensuring they can remain productive by cultivating a robust remote team. As a result, many companies had to adjust their hiring processes to ensure they could be completed online. This… Read more »

4 Ways to Advance Your Accounting Career in 2019

Today, accounting professionals are in demand. Nearly every organization needs someone skilled in accounting to assist with their operations, whether it’s an internal staff member or an accounting professional working for a service provider. While any accounting professional can move up the ladder simply by gaining experience in the field, if you genuinely want to… Read more »

Learn How Technology is Transforming Accounting

Technology has a way of revolutionizing any field it touches. While the accounting industry remained unchanged for significantly longer than some other sectors, tech has recently shaken the world of accounting to its core, thanks to the rise of automation, cloud computing, advanced software, mobility, and social media. If you are wondering how technology is… Read more »

Three Secrets to a Great Phone Interview

Phone interviews are fairly common in today’s business world. They give hiring managers an opportunity to screen candidates without dedicating the amount of time normally required for an in-person meeting. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be thoroughly prepared, as these initial conversations may determine whether you move forward in the process. To… Read more »

What’s Driving the Exodus of Top Technical Talent in the Federal Space?

Federal positions used to be seen as a boon to most professionals, including those working in the IT space. The jobs were coveted for their stability and strong benefits package, making them especially attractive as long-term career options. However, over recent years, the appeal is beginning to falter, leaving some to abandon their government positions… Read more »

Looking for a Job? Take Advantage of LinkedIn!

Did you know that employers are using LinkedIn for more than simply vetting applicants? They are using it to list job openings and reach out to potential candidates too. Recruiters are also very active on LinkedIn, using the platform to identify job seekers who might be suitable for a wide range of openings. With so… Read more »