These 5 Tech Skills Will Help You Earn More

When it comes to salary growth potential, not all tech skills are created equal. While some can certainly support a technologist’s career, others can launch you forward. Not only will they lead to higher compensation now, but they can put you on a path toward long-term financial growth, often to the point of outpacing other tech professionals.

If you want to give your salary a boost, here’s what you need to know about the tech skills that can help you earn more today and into the future.

Risk Analytics

While assessing risk has long been a necessity in the world of business, the process often relied on very manual processes. Since risk identification and mitigation are crucial for success, technologies that make those procedures easier are becoming increasingly valuable. In turn, professionals with the skills needed to design, implement, and support such technologies see high returns on their skill investments.


Today, security is at the forefront of nearly every company’s mind. As a result, interest in DevSecOps – and the technologists familiar with the methodologies – has grown rapidly.

With DevSecOps, security is at the heart of all development efforts. It makes security a core objective instead of an afterthought, ensuring security-smart decisions are made from the very beginning of a project.

Since cybersecurity concerns continue to grow, DevSecOps will likely become a higher priority. As a result, technologists with experience in this area will be increasingly valued.


While blockchain is typically connected to the cryptocurrency space, it has potential far outside of that world. It could potentially benefit a variety of industries and fields. Potential applications include financial transactions, smart contracts, and cybersecurity, which only scratches the surface of what may be possible.

Even though blockchain is anything but new, not many technologists have experience with it. Since the skills aren’t widely available, those that have them often secure solid salaries in exchange for their expertise.

Smart Contracts

As mentioned above, blockchain has a significant amount of potential in the world of smart contracts. However, that isn’t the only technology that can make these kinds of systems possible.

Since contracts play such a big role in business and the lives of the masses, any technology that can increase efficiency and reliability could provide a substantial amount of value. Similarly, those that have the required skillsets to make smart contracts possible are prized.


For technologies interested in the legal services industry, e-discovery is an emerging area designed to simplify information management and record retrieval during litigation. In a landscape where digital records are becoming increasingly common, having systems in place to capture critical data is increasingly vital. In turn, technologists who can support these efforts are highly sought, often commanding sizable salaries in exchange for their skills.

Ultimately, each of the tech skills above could put you on the path toward higher earnings. If you’d like to learn more about how you can boost your technology career, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today.

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