Learn About Top Finance Priorities for Post-Merger Integration

When one company acquires another, some leaders mistakenly assume that one company can just be inserted into the other. They believe that the process is plug-and-play, requiring little if any supporting plans. In reality, post-merger integration (PMI) is often messy. Without a comprehensive strategy in place, issues are guaranteed to arise. Luckily, there are things… Read more »

How to Prepare for an Interview as an AWS Developer

Very few people can excel in an interview without taking some time to prepare. Even if you are a skilled Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developer and your skills are in high demand, walking into an interview without a clue as to what you’re going to say is rarely a wise approach. Reviewing the questions that… Read more »

Interview Questions and Skills for Data Science Professionals

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Recruitment Trends You Need to Know When Looking for a Job in 2020

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How to Update Your Tech Resume for 2020

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This Is What Hiring Managers Are Looking for During an Interview

Even highly skilled professionals can find the interview process daunting. Figuring out what the hiring manager is looking for can be a challenge. While you can determine quite a bit from the must-have skills list and other aspects of the job description, hiring managers are typically looking for something more than those ads suggest. Standing… Read more »

The Best Way to Answer the Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”

Near the beginning of an interview, it’s almost a guarantee that the hiring manager is going to say, “Tell me a little about yourself.” The prompt typically serves as a form of an icebreaker, as you have a significant amount of freedom when it comes to how you respond. However, even though this question is… Read more »

Did You Know That Staffing Agencies and Military Spouses Are a Great Fit?

When it comes to managing a career, military spouses often face the challenge of having to move at a moment’s notice. Plus, many employers may have trouble understanding that a military spouse can’t commit to being in a role long-term based on their unique circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available. By working… Read more »

Learn About the Top Programming Languages Employers Are Looking For

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Computer Science Grads – We Have Important Job Search Tips

Your first job search as a new computer science grad can be a challenge. Even though tech unemployment is incredibly low, most recent graduates don’t have much experience seeking out opportunities. Plus, it isn’t uncommon to encounter “entry-level” roles that ask for several years of experience, and that can be discouraging. While employers appreciate that… Read more »