Are Gaps in Your Resume Hurting You?

We have all been groomed to believe that gaps in a resume can spell doom during an interview. Often, these gaps are hard to explain, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the absence from the workforce. However, any situation that led to time away from the working world can be managed with proper preparation. Whether you… Read more »

Is The Company Culture a Right Fit?

There’s more to a great job than a paycheck. The company culture can be just as important to the equation as any other benefits they have to offer. But, while it is easy to assess whether a compensation package meets your needs, that isn’t always the case when it comes to identifying a cultural fit.… Read more »

Google Yourself!

Social media has become a staple in the lives of many. It provides a connection to family, friends and businesses. But it is important to remember that it may also be accessible to your current, or potential, employer. While most people are careful about what they post, there is more information on your pages than… Read more »

How to Deal With a Bad Egg

At some point in your career, you will encounter THAT co-worker; the one who always has a negative point of view and seems to suck the positive morale right out of the room. And, over time, it can take the joy out of the job you once loved. But it doesn’t have to be that… Read more »

Pass on the Job Opportunity, But Don’t Burn the Bridge!

Sometimes a job offer comes along and it isn’t the right fit. Maybe the company is great, but the timing is wrong. Or maybe the job involves duties you aren’t sure about covering. Or even, maybe you started a new job already, and this offer came in after that. While turning down a job can… Read more »

Don’t Sabotage Your Job Search with This Common Mistake

Searching for a new position is challenging enough, even when you do everything right. But certain common mistakes can derail your plans, making it even harder to find the best jobs for you. To help you get the most of your job search, there is one mistake to avoid from the beginning: not knowing exactly… Read more »

The Best Resume Writing Tip Ever!

Do you think your resume is getting lost in a sea of applications? Are you worried your resume isn’t presenting your career in the proper light? If you want to make your resume stands out for all of the right reasons, you need to make sure you are doing one thing — quantifying your accomplishments.… Read more »

Master These 3 Skills to Get Ahead in IT

IT is an industry dominated by hard skills. Many professionals have college degrees attesting to their knowledge of main functional areas. But there is more to being a top performer than understanding the nuances of C++ or SQL. Today’s employers are also looking for skills that are harder to define and challenging to teach. They… Read more »

Why is Tableau Tops?

Big data management is becoming more important for businesses every day. The ability to examine and analyze data from a wide range of sources, and produce cohesive plans based on that analysis has become a top concern for many, including members of management, marketing and other key functional areas. One of the challenges has been… Read more »

Why Experienced Accountants Have a Hard Time Finding New Jobs

Experience is invaluable when you are working for an organization, but it doesn’t always help with a job search. Some experienced professionals, accountants included, find it difficult to secure a new position, and their experience may be to blame. Similar to applicants who can be considered overqualified, being seen as having more experience than the… Read more »