How Can You Make the Most of Your Workday Commute?

Many professionals believe that avoiding commutes and working from home is essential in a post-pandemic landscape. However, as more companies welcome employees back to a traditional workplace, remaining open-minded about a commute can be beneficial to your career, allowing you to explore an increasing number of opportunities.

Plus, your workday commute can be an opportunity. First, it serves as a transition, allowing you to transition into and out of your work mindset. Second, you can take the time you’re in the car to accomplish a range of goals and tasks.

If you’re wondering how you can make the most of your workday commute, here are some strategies that work quite well.

Skill Building

While it might not seem like learning a new skill while you’re behind the wheel would be an option, it is for many professionals. Informational podcasts, lectures from college courses, presentations from thought leaders, and a variety of other learning tools can be downloaded or streamed, allowing you to listen to them while you drive. Just forgo options that rely highly on visual elements – as looking at your device while driving is incredibly unsafe – and you could learn far more than you’d expect during your commute.


Another option that could support learning or serve as entertainment is audiobooks. If you haven’t had a chance to sit down with the latest bestseller, downloading or streaming the audiobook version lets you explore the latest written works while on the road.

The audiobooks you choose allow you to guide your experience. If you want to focus on your career, you can choose books that focus on critical skills or knowledge areas. If you prefer to relax, go with your favorite fiction or non-fiction genre instead and allow yourself to enjoy the experience.

Presentation Practice

If you have an upcoming presentation, you can use your commute to practice. While you can’t go through any visual elements while you’re driving, rehearsing what you’ll say is unquestionably an option. It allows you to get comfortable with the material, increasing the odds that you’ll deliver it well once the time comes.

Meeting Scheduling

In some cases, getting meetings scheduled takes far more time than people expect. Fortunately, you can use your commute to tackle this task. If you’re driving, you can call another person to check their availability and set up a voice reminder to formally book the time when you arrive at the office. If you’re a passenger, you can use a mobile device instead.

Call Family and Friends

While doing career-related tasks is undoubtedly an option, using your commute to socialize with family and friends isn’t a bad idea. It’s a chance for you to maintain critical connections. Plus, it could help you relax and have a good laugh along the way or get advice from someone if you’re dealing with a personal or professional struggle.

This option is especially worth exploring if getting in some social time is difficult. Many professionals with children may enjoy being able to speak with another adult unimpeded, allowing them to have some fun during their morning and evening drives.


Ultimately, all of the tips above can help you make the most of your workday commute. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.



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