Learn How to Use Your Soft Skills to Move into a Management Position

While practically all technologists start their careers as individual contributors, most hope to transition into management in time. Often, successfully moving in that direction requires more than strong technical capabilities. After all, once you start leading others, you’ll spend less time handling daily tasks and more time guiding teams or departments. As a result, your… Read more »

These Are the Most Popular Programming Languages with Malware Developers

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Should You Continue Learning Java, or Move to Another Language?

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How Do Developers Learn Coding and Software Development?

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Learn How to Organize Your Home Office in 2021

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These 5 Websites Will Help You Learn Python

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Will Remote Job Interviewing Affect Hiring Bias?

Hiring bias has long been a bane, particularly in the tech industry. While many companies strive to meet diversity goals and to be inclusive, a significant number still struggle. Unconscious bias can be tough to combat, partially because people aren’t aware of those biases. The transition to remote job interviewing doesn’t inherently make hiring bias… Read more »

These Are the Most Important Programming Languages Employers Want You to Have

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