Learn How to Organize Your Home Office in 2021

Keeping your home office organized isn’t always easy. For many professionals, their office space pulls double-duty, also serving as a playroom, dining table, or bedroom closet. Even if you have a separate office, you may not have as much space as you’d like, especially when it comes to storage. As a result, clutter builds up… Read more »

These 5 Websites Will Help You Learn Python

Python has been an in-demand programming language for many years, making it an excellent addition to any programmer’s resume. If you’re interested in learning Python, you’re in luck. Several websites can help you on your educational journey, allowing you to refine your skills quickly, efficiently, and  often, for free. If you’re ready to start out… Read more »

Changes You Can Make to Your Resume in 2021 That’ll Make a Big Difference

Today, job hunting is on the mind of many professionals. Some candidates are looking for a position after a coronavirus layoff, while others made finding a new job their New Year’s resolution. In some cases, professionals are simply testing the market, trying to determine if the grass may be greener with a new employer. Regardless… Read more »

Will Remote Job Interviewing Affect Hiring Bias?

Hiring bias has long been a bane, particularly in the tech industry. While many companies strive to meet diversity goals and to be inclusive, a significant number still struggle. Unconscious bias can be tough to combat, partially because people aren’t aware of those biases. The transition to remote job interviewing doesn’t inherently make hiring bias… Read more »

These Are the Most Important Programming Languages Employers Want You to Have

As a technologist, the programming languages you know impact your career. Specific languages are, and will likely remain, in-demand, while others may fall by the wayside. By knowing which programming languages employers want you to have, you are in a position to bolster your career. It gives you insights about what skills to gain or… Read more »

When Looking at Remote Work in 2020, Cybersecurity is Increasingly Important

While 2021 is on the horizon, companies are still battling against the challenges 2020 brought with it. COVID-19 led to unprecedented situations, including shelter-in-place orders that made remote work practically mandatory. COVID-19, Remote Work, and the Rise of Cybersecurity COVID-19 is nothing short of a crisis, and it isn’t over yet. Many areas are seeing… Read more »

These Are the Best Ways to Onboard New Remote Employees

The quality of your onboarding experience matters. When handled properly, it sets new employees up for success, giving them a strong foundation that propels them toward full productivity faster and increasing their comfort level with the organization. While many companies had robust in-person onboarding programs, those didn’t always translate well into the remote work paradigm.… Read more »

Learn How to Adapt Your Resume for Screening Algorithms

When candidates submit their resumes, there is a strong chance that it will not immediately go to the hiring manager. Instead, an automated screening process is typically the first step. Essentially, a machine reviews your resume’s content, compares it to the position, and decides whether you make it onto the shortlist, all without a person… Read more »

Do You Have a Struggling Remote Employee? Learn How to Counsel Them

Due to COVID-19, many professionals had to adjust to working from home with little or no notice. While some flourished under these arrangements, others had a harder time adapting. Plus, over time, the stress of the pandemic became increasingly heavy. As a result, performance issues began to occur, leaving managers in a tough spot. Initially,… Read more »