Following These 10 Steps Will Help You Advance Your Career

Building a successful career isn’t something that typically happens overnight. Instead, it’s a journey, one that you can optimize to enhance your success. If you want to make sure you can reach your goals, here are ten steps that will help you advance your career. Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel on Day One When… Read more »

Hiring Redefined Part 3 | The Fit Factor

Part three of the three-part series on redefining how you hire new employees brings attention to the fit factor. While many organizations put significant focus on finding candidates with the right skills, there is more involved in an employee’s success in a position. Finding someone who fits into the business’ culture is also important, along… Read more »

Pass on the Job Opportunity, But Don’t Burn the Bridge!

Sometimes a job offer comes along and it isn’t the right fit. Maybe the company is great, but the timing is wrong. Or maybe the job involves duties you aren’t sure about covering. Or even, maybe you started a new job already, and this offer came in after that. While turning down a job can… Read more »

It’s a New Workday!

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, software has been around for a long time. Even while traditional ERP vendors like Oracle and SAP seem to have stagnated, there are still improvements to be had. And that is where Workday comes in. Workday offers ERP software using one of the more modern formats, software as a service… Read more »

Don’t Sabotage Your Job Search with This Common Mistake

Searching for a new position is challenging enough, even when you do everything right. But certain common mistakes can derail your plans, making it even harder to find the best jobs for you. To help you get the most of your job search, there is one mistake to avoid from the beginning: not knowing exactly… Read more »

Hiring Redefined Part 2 | Hiring for Outcomes and Potential

Part two of the three-part series on redefining how you hire new employees introduces the idea of hiring for outcomes and potential. Most hiring managers focus on the skills and experience a candidate has to offer. But there is more to the equation when it comes to determining a candidate’s success. By identifying your ideal… Read more »

Can Your Workplace Bridge the IT Generation Gap?

As Millennials become the dominant generation in the workforce, many businesses find themselves dealing with a generation gap within teams and across the organization. With many Baby Boomers delaying retirement and Gen X-ers fully entrenched in their careers, seeing Millennials move up through the ranks can be a sign of shifts for which they are… Read more »

The Power of Thank-You Notes

Many job seekers are under the impression that the interview is over once they leave the interviewer’s line of sight or when they hang up the phone. However, certain post-interview actions can be the determining factor to whether you receive a job offer. One of the most critical pieces is the simple thank-you note. If… Read more »

Hiring Redefined Part 1: Needs VS. Wants

Hiring is an involved process. There are numerous considerations for finding the ideal candidate. To find the best applicant, you need to redefine what it takes to locate the perfect match. Part one of this three-part series aims to help you separate your hiring needs from your hiring wants. If you are ready to redefine… Read more »