Empowering Gen Z for Career Success

Today, older members of Gen Z are taking their first steps into the workforce, and many are doing so with a degree of uncertainty. Due to the pandemic, the employment landscape has unfamiliar aspects that make some of the advice often given to (and provided by) past generations hard to apply.

As a result, it’s common for Gen Z job seekers and employees to have questions about how to proceed. Fortunately, there are some strategies that can help them get started on the right foot. Here are four career tips for Gen Z employees and job seekers.

1. Focus on Employers That Invest in Their Workforce

Many professionals focus on the compensation package – primarily the provided salary and core benefits like health insurance and retirement plans – when choosing an employer early in their career. However, Gen Z job seekers and employees may want to use a different strategy.

Choosing an employer that invests in its workforce could be a better option. When opportunities to learn are available, it makes it easier to grow and develop professionally, as well as advance. Plus, companies that invest in their employees often have more positive and supportive cultures, which can enhance job satisfaction.

2. Start Building a Network Right Away

Networking is often touted as the key to long-term career success, and with good reason. Your network can lead to a mentor who can help guide you along a career path. Plus, it can give you access to more job opportunities, including referrals that may help you get your resume in front of hiring managers faster.

Since that’s the case, Gen Z job seekers and employees should start building their network right away. By focusing on forging connections now, they’ll become comfortable with the process faster. Additionally, they’ll quickly have allies on their side when they need support, which can make challenges easier to navigate if they’re encountered.

3. Hone Communication Skills

Communication is critical in the workplace, so having the necessary skills is typically a must. At times, this can be challenging for members of Gen Z, mainly because they view communication differently than some older generations. For example, Gen Z favors digital options heavily, while other generations may favor face-to-face conversations, at least in some situations.

By learning to embrace a wide variety of communication styles and preferences, Gen Z will have an easier time securing opportunities and making a positive impression in the workforce. As a result, it’s wise to be open to communicating using different mechanisms, particularly those that are popular among other workers and managers.

4. Observe Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette can vary depending on the field and may be different at every company, even those in the same industry. By spending time observing common workplace etiquette after beginning a job, Gen Z professionals can familiarize themselves with the norms in that specific environment. By doing so, it’s easier to learn how to connect with others and navigate that workplace successfully, all while increasing the odds of making a positive impression.

Ultimately, all of the career tips for Gen Z job seekers and employees above can help young professionals thrive. If you’d like to learn more or are seeking out new job opportunities, The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us today.

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