What Does It Take to be a Successful Project Manager?

If your goal is to be an effective project manager, you need a specific combination of skills. While many professionals focus on the technical parts of the job, especially when the projects relate to IT, there are numerous other soft skills which are just as important, if not more so, to your overall success. Whether… Read more »

Three Ways to Stay Relevant in the IT Industry

One of the few constants in the IT industry is change. Technology evolves at a shockingly rapid rate, often far faster than other sectors, making it crucial to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. This involves more than simply mastering a particular skill, as what you know now may become obsolete faster than… Read more »

Three Secrets to a Great Phone Interview

Phone interviews are fairly common in today’s business world. They give hiring managers an opportunity to screen candidates without dedicating the amount of time normally required for an in-person meeting. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be thoroughly prepared, as these initial conversations may determine whether you move forward in the process. To… Read more »

Have a Job Interview Coming Up? Do Your Research!

Scoring an interview is exciting; it means your resume caught the hiring manager’s eye and they want to see if you’re the right person for the job. If you really want to be a stand-out candidate, it is time to do some research. By dedicating some time to learning more about the company, you gain… Read more »

If You Want the Job, Customize Your Resume

When you’re looking for a new position, it’s unlikely you are only considering one position at one company. Most job seekers have at least a few opportunities they would be open to, and that means you need to customize your resume each time you apply. In the majority of cases, different jobs come with varying… Read more »

Programming Languages You Need to Know!

When it comes to employability, not all programming language skills are created equal. While most options have merit, and there is a plethora of choices professionals may pursue, most companies prioritize only a small percentage of what is available to be learned. By choosing some of the most in-demand languages, you may find it is… Read more »

Nontechnical Skills That’ll Help Catapult Any Developer’s Career

Many IT job seekers assume that finding a new position is easy. With unemployment in certain specialties sitting near one percent, companies are struggling to find developers to fill their vacancies. However, just because job openings may be relatively plentiful, that doesn’t mean they’ll hire just anyone. Technical skills make up a lot of what… Read more »