Trying to Figure Out Your Next Career Move? Ask Yourself These Questions!

Keeping your career on target means being proactive. By taking ownership of your trajectory, you don’t leave your future to chance. However, figuring out where to go next can seem like a challenge, especially if you aren’t on a highly traditional or single-option linear career path. Fortunately, it is possible to figure out your next career move by asking yourself the right questions.

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some questions to consider.

Am I Still Growing Professionally?

Growth is powerful in your career. Along with creating opportunities to advance, acquiring new skills and honing existing capabilities can be incredibly rewarding. Plus, most professionals view learning as a healthy challenge, making their professional life more engaging.
Take a moment to estimate your growth over the past year. Determine what skills you’ve acquired or boosted, as well as what it took to hone them. Then, consider what you’d like to learn in the future and whether you’ll likely get the chance to do so in your current role.
When taken together, that information will help you decide whether you’re on the right track. It lets you determine if you’re stagnating or reaching a pinnacle along your current path. While hitting an endpoint isn’t problematic if you’re nearing retirement, it often isn’t ideal for most others. As a result, it can be a cue to head in a different direction, ensuring your career doesn’t get stuck.

Do I Feel Fulfilled?

While many people would assume that focusing on your passions is the best, it’s actually better to reflect on whether you feel fulfilled. Contentment in your career often comes from finding work that aligns with your values and preferences. If you have that, your work is generally rewarding on an intrinsic level, often in a way that isn’t likely to shift over time.
Consider whether your work aligns with your core values. Additionally, gauge your overall level of engagement. By examining those two points, you can estimate your degree of fulfillment, letting you know whether your current path is a strong match or a change might be in order.

Is This Where I Want to Go?

When you’re given the ability to take a step forward in your career, don’t automatically take it. Instead, spend a moment reflecting on whether it’s genuinely where you want to go next. In some cases, a person’s career path almost has a life of its own. A professional may accept every advancement opportunity that’s presented simply because the idea of declining doesn’t seem wise. While seizing opportunities as they arise can have some benefit, if you’re always agreeing to take on what’s offered without much thought, it also means you’re not controlling your path.
Typically, it’s best to only the next step if it’s bringing you closer to your goals. By reflecting on whether an opportunity is taking you in the direction you want to go, you’re being strategic about your advancement, increasing the odds that you’ll remain on the road that’s best for you.

Ultimately, by asking yourself the questions above, you can figure out your next career move with greater ease.

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