4 Tips for First-Time IT Managers

If you have recently been promoted into an IT management role, congratulations! You clearly have some impressive credentials and have been able to impress the decision makers at your company. But now that you’re a manager instead of a technical professional, your job responsibilities have been turned on their head. And if you’re not ready… Read more »

3 Employee Engagement Tips for Cyber Security Staff

The importance of employee engagement is only now starting to be fully understood. In the past, companies felt that offering compensation and occasional perks was enough to keep employees engaged. They then wondered why productivity plateaued, innovation dried up, and turnover became epidemic. The simple fact is that the more time and resources you invest… Read more »

Proven Strategies Behind Motivating Your Team

All teams need motivation, no matter how accomplished or talented they are. When done effectively, motivation simply enhances and amplifies the best qualities your team already possesses. Unfortunately, effectively motivating your team can be difficult and time consuming. If you’re trying to spur your team to be more productive, efficient, cooperative, and innovative, try out… Read more »

Building Your Accounting Team: 5 Ways to Attract Millennials

With waves of baby boomers approaching or exceeding retirement age, companies across industries – including accounting – need to get serious about recruiting the next generation of professionals. But even more than being a necessity, reaching out to a younger generation of accountants can help you bring fresh ideas, cutting-edge perspectives, and youthful enthusiasm into… Read more »