Looking for a Job? Take Advantage of LinkedIn!

Did you know that employers are using LinkedIn for more than simply vetting applicants? They are using it to list job openings and reach out to potential candidates too. Recruiters are also very active on LinkedIn, using the platform to identify job seekers who might be suitable for a wide range of openings. With so… Read more »

Four Essential Interview Questions to Hire Great Web Developers

Traditionally, web developers are responsible for crafting a significant portion of your public-facing identity, making it especially critical to get the right candidate into the role. Without the ideal mix of traits, your business could suffer if potential customers aren’t impressed with your web presence. Typically, evaluating a job seeker’s hard skills isn’t overly challenging,… Read more »

Have a Job Interview Coming Up? Do Your Research!

Scoring an interview is exciting; it means your resume caught the hiring manager’s eye and they want to see if you’re the right person for the job. If you really want to be a stand-out candidate, it is time to do some research. By dedicating some time to learning more about the company, you gain… Read more »

If You Want the Job, Customize Your Resume

When you’re looking for a new position, it’s unlikely you are only considering one position at one company. Most job seekers have at least a few opportunities they would be open to, and that means you need to customize your resume each time you apply. In the majority of cases, different jobs come with varying… Read more »

Programming Languages You Need to Know!

When it comes to employability, not all programming language skills are created equal. While most options have merit, and there is a plethora of choices professionals may pursue, most companies prioritize only a small percentage of what is available to be learned. By choosing some of the most in-demand languages, you may find it is… Read more »