What Are Some Digital Transformation Trends for 2019?

Digital transformation represents not only more technological shifts in an organization, but also fundamental changes regarding how technology, people and business intersect. As companies prepare for the new year, understanding what the future may hold in the area of digital transformation allows you to embrace the cutting edge, ensuring you can remain ahead of the competition.

If you want to make the most of 2019, here are a few digital transformation trends that will shape the year.

The Emergence of 5G

While 5G has been on everyone’s lips for a while, 2019 is the year where more people will actually get to experience it. More companies are expanding their deployments, including some in urban and rural areas.

Even though 2018 saw an increased number of fixed 5G applications, 2019 signals the beginning of its more mobile emergence. Smartphones will start having access to these faster speeds, allowing your mobile workforce to potentially become more productive.

Chatbots Become More Robust

Throughout 2018, chatbots became a common occurrence. However, not every experience was ideal, largely because the technology still had some kinks to work out.

Now, improved natural language processing and sentiment analytics will allow the chatbot experience to feel more comfortable. The ability to mimic how a human would react and respond is increasing, making the interactions feel more “real.”

AI technologies are also allowing companies to gain more insight from customer chatbot interactions, providing them a mechanism to improve their offerings.

Connected Clouds

While many businesses have experienced the benefits of the cloud, they have also discovered that a single provider doesn’t always meet all their needs. Luckily, an increasing number of connected cloud offerings are empowering businesses to create combination solutions, ensuring they get the right mix of public and private systems according to their requirements.

Consumption-Based IT Services

With technological agility being a priority for most businesses, providers are increasingly offering consumption-based IT services that promote scalability. Companies will more frequently be able to adjust their use based on workload requirements, ensuring that quick increases and decreases are managed with ease. Additionally, this creates a paradigm that focuses more on flexibility, affordability and convenience, marking a significant shift from the standard approach to IT services.

An Understanding of Blockchain

Blockchain emerged as an incredibly exciting technology, largely for its recordkeeping capabilities. While many touted it as an exceptional development, many are now realizing that its inherent complexity made it inaccessible.

However, major companies are answering the call for a plug-and-play approach that is easy to use and understand. In 2019, the potential of blockchain will likely be more realized, even if technology offerings remain on the horizon.

Data Remains at the Center

The importance of data won’t diminish in 2019. Instead, companies are going to continue to focus on collection, but are also going to concentrate more on leveraging the data they collect. Since data is at the center of analytics, machine learning and AI, finding mechanisms that can make the most of what businesses collect is a core part of digital transformation.

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