Learn About the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2019

With the IT labor market remaining tight, job seekers have a lot of power. However, candidates with the skills to work in some of the most in-demand tech jobs are especially well positioned. Often, they can command high salaries, access strong benefits packages, and even secure a few perks to make their job offer sweeter.

If you want to begin a career in IT or take your tech career in a different direction, here are some of the most in-demand professionals for 2019.

Business Intelligence Analyst

To work as a business intelligence analyst, you need experience in database technology, reporting tools and analytics. Additionally, the ability to communicate effectively with managers, teammates and stakeholders is essential, including individuals who may not be as tech-savvy.

In most cases, strong candidates will have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant major, such as computer science, engineering or information systems. Entry-level business intelligence analysts commonly earn over $85,000 annually, while top performers in the field can achieve yearly salaries near $178,000.

Cloud Architect

As more companies move to the cloud, cloud architects become a more critical part of business operations. They handle the deployment, management, and support of cloud applications, so they need a strong background in areas like networking, programming, and security. Additionally, an understanding of multiple operating systems is essential, along with knowledge of various cloud services, like Amazon Web Services.

Cloud architects can command big salaries. Entry-level professionals tend to earn around $75,000 annually while the most experienced can make $159,500 a year.

Cloud Systems Engineer

Cloud systems engineers play a critical role in the development, planning, designing, installation, management, maintenance, and support of various IT cloud systems. They commonly work with solutions like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and OpenStack, so prior knowledge of these cloud services is critical. Further, they need a significant amount of programming language experience, along with solid understandings of DevOps, APIs, cloud databases, and automation.

Professionals just beginning their cloud systems engineering career can achieve salaries over $86,000 a year. After they reach the top of their field, securing an annual salary just shy of $146,000.

Data Scientist

With data remaining king in the eyes of many companies, data scientists remain in demand. These professionals work to gather, process and analyze data, allowing businesses to gain insights from the information, relying on programming, analytical, and mathematical skills to get the job done. They also have strong verbal and written communication skills, ensuring they can discuss any findings with ease and effectively make recommendations.

Data scientists can earn close to $103,000 annually at the start of their careers and reach yearly salaries closer to $175,000 after gaining a substantial amount of experience.

Database Developer

If a company wants to effectively manage their database architecture or create new database servers, they typically need a database developer. These professionals use SQL code to develop systems, and usually have experience with technologies and languages like big data infrastructure, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Oracle, NoSQL databases, Hadoop, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP.

In general, database developers earn between $98,000 and $168,000 annually.

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