How Accountants Can Avoid Burnout During This Busy Time of Year

Tax season is in full swing. It is an incredibly busy time for accountants, leading to a more hectic work environment, increased workloads, and additional stress.

Burnout during this time of year can be a real risk. After all, you can only work so many extended workweeks and long shifts before the extra effort begins to wear you down.

Luckily, there are things you can do to keep yourself focused, engaged and ready to excel during this busy time of year. Here are a few tips for accountants who want to make it through tax season in one piece.

Set Expectations

If you want to avoid being overloaded, it is important to set expectations with your manager. Let them know what you are able to do and how fast you can do it. Then, create a plan together to ensure your full plate does not end up overflowing.

Remain Reachable

Details can change quickly during the busy season, so you need to agree on an approach that ensures you receive priority messages in a timely manner.

Find out how your manager typically sends critical communications. Do they favor email or instant messaging platforms? Should you anticipate phone calls or text messages instead?

Essentially, this allows you to both get on the same page. Plus, it lets you know which notifications need to remain active when you work, and helps to eliminate unnecessary interruptions.

Limit Distractions

Text messages, social media notifications, email popups; these can all draw your eye away from your work, disrupting your flow and hindering productivity. During the busy season, consider eliminating all notifications that are not genuinely necessary, both on your work and personal devices.

Aside from the preferred communication mechanism your manager identified, turn off all other notifications, close out of email systems and put away your personal devices. Only review these incoming alerts when you are either between projects or are on breaks, ensuring they are tended to promptly but do not pull you away from your core duties.

Take Time to Recharge

While it may be tempting to skip breaks and lunches to keep up with your workload, not taking time to recharge can actually do more harm than good. Everyone needs to be able to shift their focus elsewhere on occasion. Otherwise, burnout may set in quickly.

Plus, make time for personal activities that leave you feeling relaxed or rejuvenated. Maybe that is heading to the gym twice a week or enjoying a family dinner each Friday. Whatever options are most important to you, try not to sacrifice them. This ensures you do not begin to resent your job, which can make surviving tax season particularly difficult.

By following the tips above, accountants can avoid burnout during this year’s busy season. If you would like to know more about remaining engaged and productive in your role, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our staff today and see how our stress management expertise can benefit you.

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