Learn About Some of the Highest-Paying IT Skills That Don’t Require Certifications

Certifications are often touted for the ability to help IT professionals land higher-paying positions. While they can certainly augment your resume, not every IT skill has to be supported by a certification in order for you to secure a lucrative role.

In some cases, companies are willing to pay a premium if you bring the skill to the table, even if you do not have certifications to back them up. Here are some of the highest-paying IT skills that don’t require certifications.

Risk Analytics and Assessment

Being able to evaluate risk has become increasingly important for companies. If you have the ability to use data to draw meaningful insights, allowing you to identify issues, measure impacts, or mitigate risk, you may be well rewarded.


Ethereum, the cryptocurrency that harnesses the power of blockchain technology, is becoming increasingly popular as an open source distributed computing platform. As smart contracts become more prevalent across various industries, IT professionals with Ethereum-related skills will find their know-how is increasingly valuable, regardless of how they acquired their skills.

Big Data Analytics

Even though Big Data has been making waves for years, there is a surprising skill gap in today’s labor force regarding the technology. Companies are willing to pay a premium for IT professionals who can help them leverage their data, even if the employee is not certified in the subject.


Security is at the forefront of nearly every company’s mind. As a result, cryptography is entering the spotlight. Encryption, SSL/TL, and VPN are all being explored as avenues to keep corporate and customer information secure, particularly in today’s increasingly mobile business world. If you have knowledge of cryptosystems like RSA encryption, Schnorr signature or similar options, you can leverage your capabilities for higher pay.

Data Governance

Data governance is incredibly complex, involving issues ranging from availability to usability and from integrity to security. Without a solid data governance program, companies will struggle to develop proper procedures and execute sound processes. Controls and auditing to ensure compliance can also be complicated, so knowing how to navigate regulations and craft internal policies is a lucrative skill to have in today’s business world.

Data Science

Data science is a fairly large category covering a wide variety of skills. Coding, statistics, mathematics and machine learning can all play roles, as well as data visualization and data architecture. If you have the skills necessary to thrive in a data science role, companies often offer high compensation in return for your know-how.

Ultimately, all of the IT skills above can come with large salaries if you find an employer who needs them to excel. If you are interested in finding out more or are searching for a new IT job opportunity, the skilled professionals at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our recruitment team today and see how our career management expertise can help you find your ideal role quickly and efficiently.

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