In-Demand Skills to Be a Successful ERP Professional

When a company is looking for an ERP professional, they typically have specific skills and capabilities in mind. By showing you bring the right experience to the table, you can increase your odds of being selected and increase your earning power.

If you are wondering which in-demand skills and experiences it takes to be a successful ERP professional, here are the ones hiring managers almost universally seek out.

Technology-Specific Knowledge

Not all ERP solutions operate the same way. Using each one is a different experience, and they all come with a unique learning curve that can impact the amount of time it takes the new hire to reach full productivity.

Often, hiring managers favor candidates who have knowledge of the ERP technology in use at their workplace. Since SAP, Infor, Sage, and other solutions differ, finding someone who already understands the one their company uses can be critical if the company can’t train the selected job seeker.


Most hiring managers would prefer to hire a candidate who could stay with the company long term. If your work history is stable, you are more likely to catch the hiring manager’s eye. In contrast, if you’ve changed roles every few months, the hiring manager might question whether you’d stick around even if you try to assure them you intend to remain in your next position.

While project-oriented professionals may have more leeway in this regard, demonstrating your stability is a wise move.


Recent certifications show you understand the focus topic and your knowledge is current. Plus, it can highlight your dedication to continuous improvement and education, something that nearly every hiring manager will value.

Include any relevant certifications on your resume and make sure to update any that may be aging out. It’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and show the hiring manager you understand the technologies or processes.


Written and verbal communication skills are essential in nearly any job, including ERP positions. Make sure the hiring manager trusts in your capabilities by reviewing your resume and cover letter for errors, poor grammar or anything else that may not reflect favorably on you. Rehearsing your interview answers is also wise, increasing the odds you’ll come off as confident and articulate.

Project Management

Many hiring managers favor candidates with strong project management skills. If you can demonstrate you have worked through a full ERP implementation or led projects that are similarly technical, you are more likely to impress the hiring manager.

Highlighting any budgetary responsibilities is also wise. This shows you can handle the full scope of a project and not just the technical side.

All the skills above can help you become a successful ERP professional. If you’d like to know more or are seeking out a new ERP position, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff today and see how our ERP career management expertise can benefit you.

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