Recruitment Trends You Need to Know When Looking for a Job in 2020

When you want to find a new job, understanding recruitment trends can work to your advantage. It allows you to adjust your approach to align with emerging expectations and make the most of the hiring climate. If you plan on trying to advance your career in 2020, here is a look at the recruitment trends that might impact your job search.

The Candidate Experience Takes Center Stage

In today’s competitive talent market, companies are having to pay more attention to how candidates perceive their recruitment and hiring practices. Employers are striving to shorten the process and be more transparent about what’s involved. Additionally, hiring managers and recruiters are making any interactions more personalized and are putting in additional effort to keep candidates informed and engaged.

If you’re looking for a job, then it’s important to consider how the employer approaches your experience. It could be regarded as a red flag if a potential employer isn’t putting any effort into this area, so be cautious of any company that isn’t being transparent, focusing on communication, or otherwise trying to keep you engaged.

Non-Traditional Candidates Have a Chance

With unemployment remaining low, companies are having to be more flexible when it comes to requirements. They are more open to considering job seekers with non-traditional experience or training. Similarly, job seekers who are considering a career change might have an easier time finding hiring managers that are willing to give them a chance as long as they bring the right skills to the table.

While you won’t miraculously be viewed as qualified for a role that you can’t reasonably do, that doesn’t mean you might not be able to shoot higher or transition easier than you could have just a handful of years ago. Consider whether you could actually handle the duties or have the potential to thrive in the position. If so, it could be worth applying. You might end up pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

Hiring for Potential

In a similar vein, companies are increasingly hiring for potential. If a candidate has the necessary core competencies and the ability to learn any missing skills quickly, employers are increasingly willing to give them a shot. Once hired, they will arrange to upskill the new hire, giving them access to the training they need to fill in any gaps in their knowledge.

Essentially, companies aren’t as focused on a job seeker’s pedigree as they were in years past. Instead, they are looking for enthusiastic and passionate individuals who could grow into the ideal fit, suggesting they possess any skills that are genuinely required on day one.

Ultimately, all of the recruitment trends impact job seekers. By understanding the current climate, you can handle your job search more effectively. If you’d like to learn more about landing a new position in 2020 or would like to work with recruiters who can help you find an opportunity quickly, the team at The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us with your questions or to find out about our existing openings today.

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