Tips for Staying Busy While You’re at Home During COVID-19

Social distancing is critical for limiting the spread of COVID-19. But this form of intentional isolation isn’t easy for the psyche to handle. After just a few days, you might end up pretty bored as well as lonely.

By finding ways to stay busy and connected, you can avoid some of these negative feelings. It will make your time spent under shelter-in-place or similar orders less of a struggle. Plus, you can maintain your relationships, even if you can’t meet face-to-face.

If you want to make your time spent at home during COVID-19 as pleasant as possible, here are some tips.

Use Technology to Stay in Touch

There are plenty of ways to spend time with your friends and family that don’t involve meeting in-person. A good, old fashioned phone call can be a great way to connect and is readily available. It allows you to at least hear the voices of people you care about, and that makes a difference.

If you have a reasonable internet connection, you can even meet face-to-face virtually. Apps like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Marco Polo make it easy to video chat with your nearest and dearest, regardless of where everyone is located.

Try to set aside time every day to reach out to at least one person. That way, your relationships stay strong, and you can ensure that you and those you care about don’t feel too alone.

Catch Up on Your Reading

Whether it’s the novel you never had a chance to start, a magazine you wanted to peruse, or online news you wish you could dig through, now that you’re staying at home because of COVID-19, you might have a chance to catch up. Reading is entertaining and can keep your mind active. If you focus on educational materials, you can learn something along the way that could help you personally or professionally.

Handle Your Spring Cleaning

Since you’re home anyway, why not conquer your spring cleaning? It’s hard to come up with an excuse to avoid sorting out your junk drawer, cleaning out a closet, or giving your home the full Marie Kondo treatment when a shelter-in-place order is in effect.

Start in one room, like your kitchen or bedroom, and try to get it fully organized. Whenever you find something you don’t want to keep, decide if it’s worth selling or donating, or whether it should make its way to a trash can. That way, even if you can’t drop-off a donation or set up a yard sale now, you’ll have those items set aside for when you can.

Learn a New Skills

There are plenty of online courses available, covering more topics than most could imagine. If you want to acquire a new skill, your time spent at home because of COVID-19 could be the perfect opportunity.

Look at options that could boost your career as well as courses that will enrich your life. The goal is to find something that makes your time at home more enjoyable and engaging. If it benefits you professionally, that’s a great bonus.

Enjoy Time with Your Family

Nearly everyone who is at home during COVID-19 isn’t alone. Other family members are typically in the same boat. Many schools are closed, so children aren’t going to school. Working from home is becoming a new standard for adults, as well.

Since you’re all home together, make sure to spend time having fun and bonding. Have movie nights, do puzzles as a group, download co-op video games, or simply chat to see how everyone is doing. Being at home during the coronavirus outbreak can be challenging. But, by supporting one another, your family can take advantage of the additional time together and strengthen your relationships.

Ultimately, all of the tips above can help you stay busy while you’re at home during COVID-19. If you’d like to learn more, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today.

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