How to Find a Tech Job After Being on an Extended Hiatus

Many technologists take breaks from their careers. In some cases, the reasoning behind stepping back is personal, such as recovering from burnout or addressing a family health issue. However, others may have ended up on an extended hiatus involuntarily, as can happen when you’re hit with a surprise layoff.

In many cases, finding a tech job after a long break can be challenging. The world of technology moves quickly, and even short stints away can make you seem out of the loop.

However, getting back in the game is possible. If you want to make sure you can find a new tech position quickly after a recent hiatus, here’s what you need to do.

Reconnect with Your Network

If networking fell by the wayside during your break, pick it back up immediately. Reconnect with the various professionals you were in contact with before you stepped away from the workforce, as they can be a valuable resource during your search.

When your network is strong, it is often easier to secure referrals or connect with a manager who’s willing to give you a chance. Plus, your contacts can help you learn about recent changes or trends impacting your field, allowing you to speed quickly.

Do Some Upskilling

One of the easiest ways to make a gap in employment less intimidating to hiring managers is to spend a little time upskilling. If you sign up for a class that offers you a certification at the end, you’ve got a new entry to add to your resume. Plus, you can acquire an in-demand skill, making you a more attractive candidate.

You may also be able to boost your skillset through volunteer work or freelancing. You should explore temporary positions, as they can help you hone your skills, too. Plus, you can list your activities as work experience in all of these cases, giving you something recent to list as you continue searching for permanent positions.

If you don’t know which skill to focus on, research emerging trends in your tech niche. See which ones are plagued by a lack of available talent and consider concentrating your efforts there.

Choose the Right Employers

Some companies will be more open-minded about hiring a technologist who is returning to the workforce after a break. By making those options a priority during your job search, you may be able to land a position more quickly.

There are some that aren’t just open to the idea; they actively encourage it. For example, some tech giants have “returnship” programs that function a lot like internships for professionals who are coming back to the workforce after an extended break.

Working with a staffing firm can also be a smart move. They can connect you with area employers who would be happy to welcome you in permanent or temporary roles. This can be a great way to reignite your career, especially if you need to land a position quickly and efficiently.

If you are looking for a tech job after being on an extended hiatus, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us to learn more about our current opportunities today and see how our services can make rejoining the workforce easier than ever before.

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