4 Tips for Answering Questions About Working Remote

When you are applying for a remote job, there’s a good chance you’ll be asked about your telecommuting experience and related skills. Even if you aren’t asked about them directly, talking about them is a good idea, as it shows you can excel even if you aren’t in the office.

If you need to prepare for an interview for a remote job, using the right approach is essential. With that in mind, here are four tips that can help you shine when you meet with the hiring manager.

  1. Be Ready to Describe Your Typical Day

As a remote worker, you often have to self-regulate. This includes dedicating enough time to work while also ensuring you maintain balance.

Since burnout issues can be a concern for companies, you need to be ready to talk about not just how you organize your workday but also a few aspects of your personal life. For example, if you have a traditional 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday schedule, letting the hiring manager know that you take two breaks and a lunch isn’t a bad idea.

This also gives you a chance to discuss some boundaries from the beginning. For instance, by mentioning that you shut off your work computer, smartphone email notifications, or similar alerts when your workday is over, you’re demonstrating that you aim to live a balanced life. You’re also letting the hiring manager know that being available 24/7 isn’t part of your plan if it isn’t a necessity for the role.

  1. Share a Recent Remote Accomplishment

Nothing showcases your ability to work well remotely like an example that demonstrates that you can thrive in the paradigm. When you discuss a relevant past experience, make sure to discuss that it occurred while telecommuting. Additionally, discuss the remote work skills, tools, or techniques you used to achieve that result, giving your answer some extra oomph.

  1. Highlight Your Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Communication is crucial for remote team members. Ideally, you want to show the hiring manager that you’re adept at communicating in any way that may be needed, both verbally and in writing.

If you want to go the extra mile, discuss the remote communication tools you’ve used previously. Collaboration software, messaging platforms, video conferencing solutions, and similar programs show that you can use a multi-channel approach, making you a stronger candidate.

  1. Don’t Overemphasize the Remote Aspect When Discussing Why You Want the Job

If you’re asked why you are interested in the position, don’t overemphasize the fact that the job is remote. Instead, spend time discussing your goal of finding the best fit, as well as how your skills, passions, and experience align with the job’s duties. That will have the strongest positive impact on the hiring manager, increasing the odds that they’ll view you as a top contender for the role.

Ultimately, all of the tips above can make you look like a better candidate for a remote job. If you’d like to learn more about how you can stand out from the competition, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today.

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