Did You Know That Recommendations Can Help You in Your Job Search?

When you are trying to land a new opportunity, finding unique ways to stand out from the competition is a must. It isn’t uncommon for hiring managers to have one – if not several – strong candidates with similar qualifications. When that happens, the hiring managers will emphasize differentiators, allowing them to determine who may legitimately be the best choice.

One way to snag a differentiator is with recommendations. Recommendations go further than skill endorsements, making them more valuable additions to your LinkedIn profile. Additionally, they can provide hiring managers with information that may not be on your resume or other parts of your profile, giving you some extra clout.

If you are wondering how recommendations can boost your job search and how you can get some added to your profile, here’s what you need to know.

How Recommendations Boost Your Job Search

Recommendations on your profile are essentially publicly accessible reference checks. The person who writes the reference has to share details about their experience with you, giving others insights into your on-the-job performance, skillset, and personality.

Unlike skill endorsements, which can be completed with just a few clicks, recommendations require thought. The recommender has to craft a narrative, making each recommendation unique and personalized.

With recommendations in place, hiring managers can learn more about how others view you as a professional. They can determine your strengths, mindset during challenging times, and whether people would like to work with you again.

Recommendations are also a good place for others to learn about your soft skills. Often, discussing soft skills on a resume or in your profile is challenging. However, when someone writes a reference, they can often add soft skills to the discussion with ease, ensuring hiring managers can see that you have what it takes to thrive in roles that align with your career.

How to Get Recommendations on LinkedIn

Just as you do when you want someone to be a reference, you often need to ask someone to become a recommender. In some cases, the easiest approach is to offer to provide that person with a recommendation, as many professionals will then happily reciprocate by writing one for you.

However, if you’re looking for a recommendation from a past or current manager, it’s also okay to request one directly. If you’re polite and understanding, as well as accepting of their decision, the conversation should go fairly smoothly.

Now, once a person says they’ll write a recommendation, you may want to discuss any main talking points you’d like them to include. That way, they have a solid idea of what you’re after before they begin.

Additionally, after they write the recommendation, you’ll have a chance to review it. You can then either make it part of your profile or request changes. In the end, whether the recommendation ever appears on your profile is in your control. So, if it doesn’t turn out the way you’d expect, you can always leave it off.

However, if possible, work with the person to ensure they can craft a recommendation that they are comfortable with that also meets your needs. That way, you can add that valuable information to your profile and, ultimately, boost your job search.

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