Project Management is One of the Most In-Demand Tech Skills

Now that 2021 is well underway and an end to the pandemic seems to be in sight, companies are adjusting their hiring priorities. This is leading to a resurgence in demand for project management skills, causing it to be one of the most in-demand tech capabilities today.

If you are wondering why project management skills are becoming so vital, here’s what you need to know.

Why Project Management Skills Are In-Demand

While project management skills have nearly always been desirable, they took a back seat during the pandemic’s early days. When COVID-19 first led to widespread office closures, companies shifted their focus toward remote technologies and cybersecurity, altering their hiring priorities.

Today, the emergence of vaccines makes it seem like a degree of normalcy may be on the horizon. Additionally, most of the critical technology needs that arose during the start of the pandemic are reasonably covered now. Together, this means companies can shift their focus back, leading to rising demand for project management skills.

Ultimately, companies are being more optimistic about the future. This has encouraged many to adjust their long-term strategic goals, and launching (or re-launching) projects is part of that equation. Since hiring for project management skills may not have been a primary concern for about a year, many organizations lack the skilled employees they need to get these projects off the ground, causing the number of openings for project managers to increase quickly.

The Project Management Skills You Need

The project management skills you may need vary depending on the exact nature of the position. However, certain capabilities are almost universally appreciated, making them ideal skills to add to your repertoire.

First, gaining experience with popular project management methodologies is a smart move. DevOps, Agile, Kanban, and Scrum are all valuable. However, it’s also important to understand the Waterfall method. While it isn’t a modern approach, Waterfall is still widely used, so it’s wise to know what it involves and how it unfolds.

Second, many soft skills support project management. Organization, communication, collaboration, leadership, creativity, and innovative-thinking can all serve you well. Active listening is essential, along with negotiation.

Many core capabilities that aren’t limited to the tech landscape are also crucial. Scheduling, budgeting, coaching, feedback delivery, and supplier management, for example, can all play a part in your success.

Finally, it’s best to have technical skills that relate to the project. While you may not need to know every tech specialty represented, having a working knowledge of a few can help you better lead a team. Couple that with some basic business acumen, and you’re on your way to excelling in project management.

Ultimately, the need for project management skills is likely to remain high and may keep expanding as the pandemic continues to calm. If you’d like to learn more about how project management skills can boost your tech career, The Squires Group team can help. Contact us today.

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