How Do Developers Learn Coding and Software Development?

Enhancing your skillset is always a smart move if you want to get ahead in your field. Whether you’re looking to launch a software development career or take your career up a notch, here are the top five ways developers acquire new skills.

  1. Online Resources

Online resources are a go-to option for many developers when it comes to coding and software development skills. Blog posts that outline processes and techniques are an often-visited source of information. Similarly, videos can make even complex topics easier to understand.

Another one of the benefits of this approach is that it’s often low-cost or free. For budget-conscious developers, that’s ideal, as they can boost their skills without breaking the bank.

  1. Colleges and Universities

Another one of the top ways that developers learned to code was through formal education. Many college and university degree programs that focus on software development or similar majors require a significant amount of coding-related coursework.

One of the reasons this approach is popular is that it’s a known quantity. Most students know what to expect with classroom-based systems. Additionally, their degree often makes them eligible for more professional opportunities, easing their transition into a career.

  1. Books

While it may seem antiquated to some, books and similar kinds of physical media are still incredibly valuable if you want to enhance your coding and software development skills. Plus, this approach can also be low-cost or free. Libraries may have sections dedicated to these topics, and out-of-date textbooks are often available for a steal.

Even if developers choose to buy new books, the cost can be pretty manageable. Additionally, it gives them permanent, quick access to that information over the long term, ensuring they can refresh their memories at any time.

  1. Online Courses or Certifications

Many online courses and certification programs outside of formal educational environments are incredibly sound. Further, they may focus on very specific niches, such as new coders, those looking for efficiency tips and tricks, and more.

Plus, students may have the ability to take their time as they learn. Some online approaches don’t have the strict deadlines you find at traditional schools, making this simpler to fit into a busy schedule.

  1. Forums

Social learning can be incredibly beneficial. Online forums are popular options for developers. They allow them to post snippets of code for feedback, ask questions when they are stumped, and otherwise engage with other professionals in the field.

Like many of the resources above, forums don’t usually come with a price tag. As a result, it’s a great option for anyone who wants to improve their skillset without a major financial investment.

If you’re looking to improve your coding and software development skills, all of the options above are worth considering. Check each one out to see if any particular one is the best fit for your needs and learning style. Then, if you’d like to learn more about how you can get your developer career moving, the team at The Squires Group can help. Contact us today.

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