This Checklist Will Help Make Sure You Start Your New Job Right

new job checklist

When you’re preparing to begin a new job, you want to ensure you start off on the right foot. Making a fantastic impression on day one makes a difference, increasing the odds that you’ll gain the respect of your new peers quickly. That’s why you don’t want to leave your first impression up to chance. Instead, it’s best to have a plan.

Fortunately, with a simple checklist, you can be at your best. If you don’t know where to begin, here are a few must-dos if you want to start your new job right.

Set Your Alarm

Few things will make a bad impression quite like being late on your first day. That’s why you want to set an alarm as soon as you know when you’re starting in the role.

Ideally, you want to set your alarm with enough time to ensure you won’t have to rush during that first morning. Along with planning to arrive (or log in, if you’re working remotely) 10 to 15 minutes early, give yourself a small buffer to navigate the unexpected while you get ready. An extra 15 minutes there could make your morning easier to manage, ensuring you aren’t stressed before you even start your first day.

Plan Your Commute

Having a plan for your commute is essential, particularly if you’re traveling a route you don’t typically take at that time of day. It lets you ensure you know why you need to go and how long it will take to arrive, making it easier to determine when you need to head out of the door.

If you aren’t overly familiar with the route, do a mock commute a few days before your first day. Leave your house at the time you would usually exit if you were going to work, letting you experience the traffic conditions. That allows you to figure out if you’re underestimating your travel time, giving you the opportunity to make an adjustment before you actually start commuting to work.

Choose Your Attire

The night before your first day, choose your outfit. Pick the pieces, check them over to ensure they’re in good condition, do any other prep (like ironing) you may need, and set it all out together. By doing so, you won’t be scrambling to pick clothes as you get ready to leave, making your morning less hectic.

Figure Out Breakfast

As with choosing your clothing, figuring out breakfast the night before takes stress off of your morning. Decide what you’re going to have, make sure the ingredients are either together or easy to access, and get any kitchen equipment you’ll need ready.

Collect Some Questions

While you’ve likely asked some questions during the hiring process, it’s wise to have a few more ready for your first day. For example, if you don’t know how your performance will be evaluated or what the goals are for your first 30, 60, or 90 days in the role, now’s the time to find out.

Consider what information could help you excel that you don’t currently have available. Then, come up with a question that lets you get those details, increasing your odds of overall success.


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