Will the Next Recession Have an Impact on Tech Hiring?

Currently, the labor market is tight. Unemployment, particularly among tech professionals, has remained shockingly low. In most cases, companies are struggling to find the talent they need to thrive. Over recent months, recession fears have been mounting. Some economists believe that a recession before the end of 2021 is inevitable. If it does occur, it… Read more »

The Best Way to Answer the Interview Question “Tell Me About Yourself”

Near the beginning of an interview, it’s almost a guarantee that the hiring manager is going to say, “Tell me a little about yourself.” The prompt typically serves as a form of an icebreaker, as you have a significant amount of freedom when it comes to how you respond. However, even though this question is… Read more »

Did You Know That Staffing Agencies and Military Spouses Are a Great Fit?

When it comes to managing a career, military spouses often face the challenge of having to move at a moment’s notice. Plus, many employers may have trouble understanding that a military spouse can’t commit to being in a role long-term based on their unique circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options available. By working… Read more »

Learn About the Top Programming Languages Employers Are Looking For

Whether you are currently working as a developer and want to advance or are considering taking your career in that direction, knowing which programming languages are in-demand can help. It allows you to focus your efforts on options that are particularly lucrative in today’s market or ones that could lead to advancement opportunities that you… Read more »

Important Finance Trends for 2020

The new year is on the horizon. As a result, many companies take a moment to plan for the future, often considering what upcoming trends may impact their business and what steps they may need to take in those areas. For 2020, there are several important finance trends that should be on every organization’s radar.… Read more »

Computer Science Grads – We Have Important Job Search Tips

Your first job search as a new computer science grad can be a challenge. Even though tech unemployment is incredibly low, most recent graduates don’t have much experience seeking out opportunities. Plus, it isn’t uncommon to encounter “entry-level” roles that ask for several years of experience, and that can be discouraging. While employers appreciate that… Read more »

How to Find Your Next Big Tech Skill

As a tech professional, finding ways to keep your skills current is critical to your career success. Timing is surprisingly important, particularly when you are enhancing your capabilities so that you can make the most of emerging technologies. If you acquire the skill too early, you might not find positions that allow you to use… Read more »

5 Important Soft Skills All Tech Professionals Need

Many technology professionals work diligently to develop their technical skills. Often, they prioritize these capabilities to make sure that they remain current and can stand out from the competition. While this is certainly important, it is also critical that you bring a variety of soft skills to the table. Hiring managers often seek out candidates… Read more »

Learn the Steps to Becoming a CFO

Many accounting and finance professionals dream of becoming a chief financial officer (CFO). For many, being a CFO represents a career peak. It can also feel very prestigious, making it particularly enticing. However, as with all C-suite opportunities, you can’t become a CFO straight out of school. Instead, you need to dedicate years to the… Read more »

Why You Should Consider a Career as an Enterprise Software Engineer

Many software engineers who are early in their careers shy away from job opportunities with enterprise firms. In some cases, they assume that they won’t be able to stand out from their coworkers, quickly becoming lost in a large team. In others, engineers fear that work won’t be engaging, particularly since the company focuses on… Read more »