Computer Science Grads – We Have Important Job Search Tips

Your first job search as a new computer science grad can be a challenge. Even though tech unemployment is incredibly low, most recent graduates don’t have much experience seeking out opportunities. Plus, it isn’t uncommon to encounter “entry-level” roles that ask for several years of experience, and that can be discouraging.

While employers appreciate that new grads are up-to-speed on the latest technologies, it isn’t uncommon for them to be wary of anyone without much real-world experience. However, by approaching your job search the right way, you can overcome this hurdle and find a suitable position. If you’re a recent computer science grad, here are some tips that can get you moving forward on your career path.

Have a Solid Strategy

A haphazard job search isn’t going to deliver an ideal result. If you use only the most basic search criteria and hope to find a great role by skimming a near-endless list of job ads, you might burn out before you find something. Applying to everything you potentially qualify for isn’t wise either, as you could be wasting time on positions you wouldn’t actually want.

Instead of jumping straight in, take time to develop a solid strategy. Consider what your ideal employer would have to offer. Think about the skills you want to use and what roles allow you to use them. Then, take those criteria and focus on companies and opportunities that generally align.

Target Your Materials

Generic application materials won’t catch a hiring manager’s eye. If you send the same cover letter and resume to every employer, there’s a decent chance that some of the information you provide doesn’t matter to them. Since hiring managers typically only skim these documents initially, you could end up shuttled over to the discard pile fast.

Once you find an open position, you need to target your cover letter and resume. By doing so, you can showcase what you bring to the table in a highly relevant way, increasing the odds you’ll intrigue the hiring manager.

Additionally, you can make a personal connection, discussing details about their products or services, the duties, or the workplace. You can highlight how you can help that business overcome challenges and excel, using information that directly pertains to that organization.

Cultivate Your Online Presence

An increasing number of employers look up candidate social media profiles during the hiring process. If you don’t have a professional online presence, your profile isn’t helping you land a job. Plus, if all that shows up are personal profiles, you could hurt your job search if any of the content isn’t deemed appropriate.

Before you start applying, take the time to refine your online presence. Create professional profiles, ideally beginning with LinkedIn. You should also clean up your personal profiles or set those accounts to private.

It’s also smart to showcase your tech capabilities. For example, you could post a portfolio of your student projects on GitHub, giving hiring managers a method for seeing what you bring to the table.

Work with a Recruitment Agency

If you want support during your job search, working with a recruitment agency can be a smart move. The recruiters can be your ally, finding suitable opportunities, offering guidance, and providing support to ensure you succeed.

If you’re a recent computer science grad and want to work with skilled recruiters to find a job, the team at The Squires Group wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with our recruitment staff today and see how our services can help you find your next great role.


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