How to Keep Your Search Confidential

Finding a new job while you’re currently employed sounds ideal. After all, you aren’t subject to the pressure associated with having to find something immediately. But it also comes with a drawback, as you typically have to seek out opportunities while keeping your activities quiet.

Many job seekers would prefer their manager or employer not know they are looking for something else, especially if it might put their current job at risk. But trying to be discreet means you can’t do certain things, like openly mention on your LinkedIn profile that you’re interested in information about opportunities.

So, how do you maintain your privacy while not missing out on a great new position? Here are some tips to get you started.

Drop Subtle Hints

While you might not be able to come straight out and say you’re looking for another job, you can allude to that fact in subtle ways. For example, update your LinkedIn profile to mention you’re interested in meeting “like-minded people” who share your professional interests and encourage them to contact you by including an email address. Often, recruiters will assume that means you’re open to hearing about opportunities, so they won’t hesitate to reach out.

Engage Members of Your Network

If there are other professionals who may help you take the next step up the ladder, engage them in conversations and ask them thoughtful questions about their work, careers, experience and achievements. Be generally interested in what they have to say and try to build a rapport.

Once the relationship is strong, you may be able to reveal your career goals or interests without the risk of them telling your employer.

Find the Action

Most industries have movers and shakers, and they generally make appearances at various events, conferences or meetups. If you know where they tend to gather, make an effort to stop by and engage them. This will help put you on their radar, extending the reach of your network and increasing the odds you’ll hear about an interesting opportunity.

Update With Care

When you want to find a new position, it’s tempting to jump onto your social media profiles and complete a serious overhaul. But a lot of changes happening all at once may tip off others that you’re interested in making a move, especially if you don’t turn off your alerts, like the Activity Broadcasts on LinkedIn.

Instead of tackling everything in one swoop, manage the editing process in stages, spread out over time. Additionally, don’t add all of the most enticing details right at the beginning, as this could also send a message that something is up.

Work With a Recruitment Firm

Sometimes, one of the easiest ways to job search discreetly is to work with professional recruiters who can do some of the legwork for you. Often, these professionals can locate opportunities without having to alert the rest of your network or your current employer, giving you a sense of privacy without having to sacrifice the results.

If you are interested in working with recruitment specialists, the team at The Squires Group can connect you with leading employers in the area. Contact us today to see how our services can help you find a new position confidentially.

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